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Kidney Dialysis
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Dialyses poem

An emotional moment

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The most wonderful poem I've heard!!!!!! Thank you!!! Keep fighting. Your fight, everyone's fight is to give it to GOD!!!!!! HE is just waiting for us to call on HIM.

May GOD continue to bless you.


Thank so much it been a long and difficult journey 8 years and god has been with me the whole time🙏And will be for many more years

Jan24/2019 8 months strong 🙏🙏😛


Keep that positive outlook!!!! When you feel like you can't do, GOD says you can. Sometimes you have to tell GOD you're tired and you need a boost.

I needed a boost today. I'm happy I read your post. GOD knew what I was going through. I'm so happy we met. Thank you!!!!!!


I encouraged you to continue to write and then publish your poems. While on dialysis, I published my book " A Collection of Inspirational Moments " with the poem as listed below...


Wake up my kidney,

I have to connect you tonight,

You know the procedure,

For it takes all night.

The machine signals to me,

My body warns me,

The bag instills the fluid.

Onward thru the tube in my abdomen.

I fall asleep,

Hoping not to be awakened.

In my soft bed.

As the covers wrap around me.

I am blessed to be able to do all at my house.


Well thank you very much, I started writing about my 7 year journey it’s a work in progress as I’m sure you can imagine😛starting when I was diagnosed in Montreal, 🇨🇦PD for 3 years then Hemo for 4. My name is Dave and I live in northern Ontario what’s your name? Can I ask about your story? And your poems where can I read them?



You can find my book on Amazon, "A Collection of Inspirational Moments". The book speak volume to your soul of trusting the path that you are on...I went into Kidney Failure in 2016 and was on home peritoneal dialysis but now blessed with kidney transplant. I love to encourage others so I am a Kidney Health Coach, teaching patients to stay healthy in the midst of the struggle and finding those with Chronic Kidney Disease. Stay focused on keeping strong.....


Wow where do I sign up? I’ve been doing realy well since my transplant but my life is about to change again I’ve been living in a very nice environment but I have to move into a not so nice one where I was living with my brother in law he is retiring and selling his house so I’m getting s apartment on my own so I’m a bit nervous about keeping my health and routine going so any advise along the way would be very helpful 🙏🙏😛


Take it one day at a time. Keep the routine. After staying with my sister for 6 weeks after the transplant, I was afraid to go back home. I was so easily fatigued, but each day I would make a schedule for my routine tasks. I finally was more confident and ventured out to start back driving and going to the gym/ store. You have to play attention to your body since the risk of infection and sickness is so real. Keep all your appointments and take your vitals daily. Try to plan a day ahead so that you have covered all the bases for the next day. One of the most important factor to heath is your diet. Try to stick to a good diet post transplant as the medications may cause weight gain/ fatigue. Happy landing at your new apartment....


Another beautiful poem!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!