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Kidney Dialysis
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Pre-Op peritoneal dialysis

Hi, this community is wonderful! Thank you for answering my questions! Again, my Dad lives in Florida so it's hard for me to get the answers from his doctors (as Im not around to attend the appointments with him). Can someone tell me about their pre-op experience with peritoneal dialysis?

The wait time between needing to be on it / getting the tube

Pre-op prep

How long it took you to get the hang of it etc etc?

Thank you so much!

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Hello JDR59,

Welcome to the NKF's Kidney Dialysis Online Community. We hope that sharing your story, posting and responding to questions about kidney failure and treatment will be a positive experience for you.

For general information you may find helpful please visit our website at: kidney.org/atoz/content/per...

Best wishes!


Being on PD has been amazing to me . The surgery was so easy unlike the perm cath I had put in my chest for hemodialysis. I was a little sore for a few days . It believe it was about 3 weeks before mine was ready but that was partly do to schedule conflicts. It has to be flushed so many times before use . For me getting used to hooking myself up was a breeze , ( I'm 38 yrs old) just be sure to follow protocol to prevent infection. Peritonitis is so easy to get so definitely take every pre caution to keep things sanitary !!


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