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How's everyone doing?

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Seems our Healthunlocked community is pretty quite lately so I thought I would check in and see how folks are doing. What are some of the things you are doing to keep yourself busy and healthy?

It was a bit rough having my hubby home 24x7. His hobbies are baseball and golf and so the poor man was extremely bored. I sort of felt like I was a cruise director trying to keep him busy. But now we have a routine that works. He likes to vacuum, I don't. That works. I like to cook, he likes to eat. You get the idea.

We were going to different parks for walks, but discovered so were an amazing amount of people. We finally found a place close to home in the Village that is a wet land with a walk way and trail. We rarely see folks there and when we do, everyone is pretty considerate. There are a ton of birds so it is like listening to a choir of chirping walking through the budding trees and grasses. It really lifts my spirt to get out in nature.

We made pasta from scratch one day. It was a whole day project. The pasta was good, not great. It was uneven and thick as I do not have the pasta apparatus for my machine yet. But it was yummy. And just like my homemade bread, the glucose impact was so much less than store made pasta.

And I was making bread. I was sad to discover my yeast had expired. So I ordered some on Amazon because there is none to be found. Why all of a sudden every one is Betty Crocker making their own bread is beyond me. There is not a box, jar or packet to be found. Amazon shipped it and it was delivered to someone else, not our house, who TOOK the package. Now the same product is $5.00 more and another three weeks for delivery. Shame on people.

I have been sewing masks for friends. Now there is no elastic around either, so I am going to have to improvise something as I have run out. They are easy to make and heaven knows I have enough fabric. I am a bit of a fabric hoarder, I admit. I see some pretty fabric and buy it and say, "oh I'll make something of this." It was fun to go through my stores and actually see what I have. Sometimes I question, "what was I thinking?"

I also got a deal for an online class to become certified as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Something to do but not sure if I will actually teach yet. I like taking classes and certifications.

I continue my work with the local ambulance corps, virtually. I am the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. We just hired a new chief who started March 23rd. Wow, how to start at a tricky time. But he is doing great. All emergency services in our area are way down in call volume. The only increase right now is domestic violence. I get it! (see second paragraph) :)

So the days go by fairly quickly but I have no idea what day it actually is. I did not go for my infusion last month. I am beginning to become very sore all the time. I am debating about this month too. But I probably go because my skin is breaking down bad. I have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. My nephrologist appointment was cancelled and she said to do my labs later, as most of the lab centers closed. I do not see her now until August. But she figured nothing has changed in two years and I feel fine. I was relieved because doing my renal panel always makes me worry.

Please share how your doing.

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Hello there, I am doing fine. I have effectively been in isolation for about 6 months since I started dialysis so no real change for me. My wife misses going to the shops and seeing our kids and granddaughter. I have got loads of jobs to do at home so I don't get bored.

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Sounds wonderful! Wishing you a great Easter. Relish the love in calling and remember that every word is a precious memory.


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Hi Rabbit,

It is amazing how many projects one can find to do in the house. It is amazing how my hubby doesn't see them...… lololo.

Take care.

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Hi rabbit, I have continued work at my place of employment with no contact with other employees, lonely, but I like getting out ! How is peritoneal dialysis working out for you ? So much better than hemo I think. I feel much better than I did on hemodialysis ! Hadn’t spoken in a while , sorry I did not keep up contact.

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Hi, yes PD is working fine. It feels like having a full time job what with stock checks, ordering, storage and of course actually doing the dialysis. No with the covid situation Baxter will only do a doorstep delivery so I am also carrying all the boxes of fluid in now! it is working fine though. I am pleased it is working for you too.

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So glad to hear how well PD is going for you. I’m not sure I’d be able to carry boxes of PD supplies inside. Iright now I’m in a holding pattern with regard to whether I’ll be getting my catheter placed within the next month or not. (I’m recovering from a vitamin D toxicity caused by a medication I was prescribed which then not monitored appropriately. Fortunately I find that the symptoms I was experiencing have resolved over the time that has passed since I was pulled off the medication on June 16th. Since my labs otherwise we’re in good shape, stable with all other electrolytes in check, I may not need dialysis quite yet.)

But I have a question for you. If I have an attached 2-car garage would Baxter deliver into the garage during COVID? If not I guess I could move the boxes into the garage with my dolly and then on into the house through my garage steps which aren’t as steep as my front door steps. Then if I could get them to deliver 2 times a month rather than once, I’d have enough space to store the boxes on my main floor where my bedroom is located rather than in the basement so no more stair once inside.

Hum, this may require some thought...


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Sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope you make a full recovery soon. I am on alphacalcidol which is a vitamin d replacement as my parathyroid hormone is really high.

Well hopefully it is just till the virus goes away as I would imagine lots of people would not be able to carry the boxes. They weigh about 22 pounds! Yes our Baxter delivery guy was quite happy to put them in a garage or outhouse. We have a conservatory attached to the house and he was ok with putting them in there. I still have to move them inside the house though as it gets far too hot in there to store the fluid.

Hopefully by the time you need to worry about it these restrictions will have been lifted but we never know.

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The medication that caused my vitamin D toxicity was Rayaldee. I was prescribed that medication for my hyperparathyroid condition. They doubled the dose early last Fall but didn’t do labs to monitor it. So it elevated my vitamin D levels significantly. Thus the toxicity. My data was literally off the charts.

I’m definitely feeling better with each passing day off Rayaldee. I have no idea what they’re going to do to deal with my hyperparathyroid issue now though. I have new labs on Friday, July 10th. Then I see my nephrologist, whom I haven’t seen for 14 months, on Friday, July 17th. This practice rotates patients through any nurse practitioner available. We’re going to have a little chat about that and the minimal access to actual nephrologists. Frankly, it’s abundantly clear to me that my toxicity evolved because there has been no one person overseeing my case...

So we’re going to need to talk about this issue. It’s going to have to be resolved.

In the meantime I’m glad to be feeling so much better. My gut feeling was that the toxicity needed to be resolved first. Then I would see how I felt. If I was still nauseous and so forth then, yes, is clearly time for dialysis.

My labs other than the toxicity we’re stable with creatinine ranging from 2.9 to 3.1. My potassium has been constantly in the normal range. My hemoglobin has actually improved and now runs from 11.8-12.0. 12.0 is the bottom of the normal range. So my eGFR is 14-15 occasionally 16.

Clearly my data is better than the norm for those starting dialysis. My BP is normal with no BP meds. My A1C is 5.4 without meds. I am experiencing no fluid retention. So it’s going to be about how I’m actually feeling.

So I’ll see how my labs come in on July 10th. I’ll talk with the nephrologist that I’ve only seen once in 14 months on July 17th. Then I’ll go from there.

Meanwhile I’m looking for another nephrologist as the chaos and disorganization in my current practice, which precedes COVID 19, is really just nowhere nearly good enough. Ugh!


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Yikes, what a journey you are on. And yes, there is really no excuse for the way you have been mismanaged. I would move on. The good news is that maybe you can still stay off dialysis. Wishing you good health.

I’m definitely feeling better. I no longer feel like I’ve been run over by a semi truck, it’s now been two weeks since I discontinued the Rayaldee—thisvis the medication that caused the toxicity. The exhaustion is abating. I’m going to start doing some light exercise this afternoon today to see how that goes.

At this point I’m pretty sure that the symptoms I’ve been presenting, which have gotten worse over the past few months, are associated with the toxicity. These symptoms are mentioned as primary symptoms associated with vitamin D toxicity. But they are also symptoms persons often present when its time to start dialysis.

If I’m correct this is likely good news; Dialysis May yet be a ways away. But I need to see my July 10th lab results as well as visit with my nephrologist (the Doctor I’ve only seen once in close to 14 months).

Meanwhile, I begin looking for yet another nephrologist and practice. I honestly can’t evaluate the knowledge bases and diagnostic skills of those in this practice due to the chaos and disorganization that pervade the practice. Plus, I haven’t seen any person in this practice more that two times. Patients are passed around for appointments with whomever is available. So they certainly don’t know me and I definitely don’t know them.

It’s important to establish positive doctor patient relationships. I don’t see that happening in this practice regardless of how knowledgeable they may be. And, of course, this lack of continuity is likely what caused the toxicity; no one ordered labs to monitor my vitamin D levels as required by this medication. I’m convinced there is no one in this practice consistently overseeing my case.

CKD is hard; it becomes much harder when we have inferior renal care.


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Yes, you are correct in so many ways. I use a practice that has several doctors in it. I ONCE had to see another doctor because of a terrible, and I mean terrible rash. It was spreading, and painful. The doctor I saw was a card holding member of Fat Haters Anonymous. She literally was disgusted with me and showed no professional compassion for my situation. She barely looked at me. She prescribed a treatment which I used but did not work. Turns out, if she had read my chart or asked me, it was a form of Psoriasis, which I had been diagnosed with many years before. I had other types of lesions but not what this new rash looked like. It was because of the location that it presented itself differently. The treatment was actually harmful to the diagnosis. My rheumatologist saw the doctor's notes and called me and got me off of it immediately. I always ask to make sure I am seeing my providers. I'll wait for them.

My yard has never looked better. I put up two new nesting boxes and one is already occupied. Now preparing for severe storms to come through tomorrow.

Labs on Monday but Thursday's appointment is via computer. That's better for me because I like my waiting room better than theirs.

Evenings are reading time and some TV if there was something good to watch. There was one show with (they said) five couples that got married sight unseen, but I only counted four. What a disaster. Movies and music are always great options.

Please everyone, stay safe

Happy Easter.

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Your yard sounds beautiful! What a fabulous way to get some air and take care of the birds in your area.

I agree that sitting in your waiting room supersedes the medical Center 100-1.

As far as the movies and music they are the best medicine and the discoveries of new movies are the best!

( and this is coming from the girl who saw "Top Gun" 13 weeks in a row when she was a novice teacher on Cape Cod and it was the only theater and film available! )

I still love it!

Wishing you a great Easter!

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Mr. Kidney,

I had a friend who was in such good shape and when I inquired how she kept in such good shape she said she has a side job of doing lawn and garden work. Who needs a gym? And the air is better.

Hope the storms pass by and don't wreck your hard work.

Take care.

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I had to deal with some strong pop-up storms and more tonight. I've got a riding mower so that beats walking behind it to do the yard. Tomorrow is the big storm day according to the weather forecasters.

With the schools out for the year now I could find a student but for now, it's best they stay home.

Being out in the country has its good points, but not in bad weather.

Take care and stay dry and safe.

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Sounds like things are well your way!

I agree that if you can avoid medical centers do so! See how you feel down the line and what your doctor can recommend! Anything to make you comfortable.

We are mandated to wear masks here, but that doesn't make up for a visit to airborne germ land. My bro had no choice on Friday due to his specific medical condition and had them call his cell phone when they were ready for him and wore his mask and gloves.

I enjoy your husband stories. One of the perks of having my husband around is that we " tag team" to the grocery store which expedites the process among other things. We compliment each other with household maintenance. He does the laundry, takes out the garbage and vacuums, while I cook, clean, dust , iron attend to the dishwasher etc. I write 99% of the bills. He also does any take out runs. We buy salads as to support the family owned local place who we have known for years and have been so good to us under normal circumstances. They are so grateful as other than them and 2 other pizza places all restaurants in our town are closed. I check in with my friends regularly and vice versa, do a lot of reading, movies, and keep up with the once a day briefings from our Governor as well as next state as we are 20 minutes away - also DC. I am journaling this experience for a possible book and always looking into expanding myself.

If you wouldn't mind PM ing me the name of the place that you got your online certification, I would be appreciative. I hold a permanent state certificate/ endorsement in ESL but always on the move.

Right now looking into other avenues but your place may have what I need in addition to ESL. Collegiate courses/ certificates here are not available mid stream.

For your husband and all other sports fans: If you have MLB on your cable package, check as they have been running videos of games from various seasons; check also on the. " Yes" network and Mets channel in NY. We have seen games with greats from 1958 to last season on both MLB and our own sports network. They show the whole game so it keeps the baseball mind sane and at the same time opportunities to see games that you missed or had no access to. Our network also shows hockey games.

As far as Amazon; call customer service at 888-280-5331 and tell them your plight as they will work with you to adjust your bill and help you, if you haven't already done so.

This happened to both us and our neighbor across the hall at Christmas time. We were notified that the items were delivered and handed to the resident? - but not to us.

Little be known, we both called, but didn't know as we don't always run into each other. Both got credits to our accounts. Months later the opened items appeared in front of our doors. My neighbor found out that they were delivered to an elderly woman in the next building who took them and opened them and didn't know what to do or think to look at the name or address on the box/ envelope.

End story- after deciding what use is a book on "coaching", she called the rental office and they sent maintenance to get all of the items and left them opened in front of our apartments.

See what they can do.

Every day is a new day here and we are grateful for what we have and friends.

Wishing you and all of the community members a very Happy Easter and joyous Passover; which ever is applicable.

Everyone stay well and safe.


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Hey Bet,

Sounds like things are going well for you too. Yup, hubby of course, has MLB and has watched whatever they have. Not the same as opening day excitement as the new season starts and he often knows the games they repeat. Aw.... poor baby. They actually closed the golf courses here because people were out playing on them and people, that I now call Covidiots (people who take on the role of policing the community and or people who do not wear a mask in crowded stores), had a fit for anyone who went out. I hid hubby's 9 iron..... (not really) but I said he couldn't go. I actually like driving the golf carts.... like a maniac and watch him clutch the roof handle when I drive... maw hahah.

Found out late this morning that my young neighbor, who has been home with his wife and 2 kids all week, had the package. For 4 days. gggrr. So I am waiting right now on a huge bowl of sweet dough that is proofing and will be cinnamon rolls for tomorrow.

Take care

Hey Bassetmommer! I’m not doing too badly, I suppose, except I’ve been a little more “on my toes” lately, especially at night as my house was broken into at 4:30 am about a week and a half ago. I just thank God that I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I happened to be basically awake when they knocked. When I didn’t answer, they went to my back entrance and pounded until the door opened. Then, I did something stupid (I tend to be that way sometimes. Lol!) I yelled out, “Who is it?!” Then, I heard silence. Thank goodness whoever it was did not have a gun, and they just left quietly. Didn’t even see them. The police searched my entire house and thankfully found nobody. I was very lucky! I still can’t believe it happened.

Mine was once a good area of town, and now it seems all that has changed. It’s getting scarier and scarier as time goes on. I often ask myself, “Who would try to break into a stranger’s home during this COVID crisis? How could they know that I didn’t have the sickness?” You can bet I was cleaning the doors and windows after that event! I still haven’t been able to sleep soundly since.

But, moving away from that, (too frightening to think about) I’d love to know how you make your home-made pasta. Did you say it was a low carb version? I’d love the recipe, if you don’t mind sharing it. I also make my own bread, but any time I’ve tried to make pasta, I have failed miserably! My brother said he liked it, but I know he wasn’t being honest, because I was eating it with him, and I could barely keep it down! Lol! 😫

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Hi Sammi

Oh my, how scary. Glad you are safe. Maybe put a sign on the door saying person inside infected with Covid. Never mind, they probably can't read. Maybe you should get a dog? But then you might get doggies like mine who for the price of a treat will give you the silver. Glad it turned out ok. This situation is separating people in to categories. Some will be unsung heroes like grocery store workers and garbage men, others will be asshats.!

Thank you Bassetmommer. I don’t have a dog, but I have a cat. He didn’t waste any time taking advantage of the open back door opportunity. When it was basically all over, I had to stay up waiting for him to come back home. One of the police officers who was outside checking around my house said he saw my cat keeping company with a skunk! Beautiful, huh? Thank goodness he didn’t get sprayed! Lol! What a night that was! 😊👍

OMG glad you are OK.

I appreciate that! Thank you Melissa! I’ve been doing a little better now that my brother (God bless him), has added a few more reinforcements to my doors and windows, complete with an alarm system. It does take me about 45 minutes to shut this place down and reopen it every single day, but at least I can sleep with more ease now. Lol!

Oh gosh. When I think about the days when our parents would tell us stories about how, in their time, most people didn’t even lock their doors, and then compare it to these days, it’s pretty sad. Oh well.

I hope all is well with you, and everyone here too. All my best to you, dear! God bless. 😊👍🙏

Thanks! We are all well.

This YouTube video captures what I’m experiencing by this point in our stay at home order. I have to go back to the hospital for my transplant labs as well as my regular nephrologist’s labs this week. After that I have nothing to do out of my house for about 3 weeks.

I’m going for several short walks during the day. I’m washing my hands ... I’m using a lot of Clorox wipes and wiping down counter tops, faucets, light switches and door knobs several times a day. My dog thinks I’ve gone nuts🐶

Otherwise I’m still working online. We’re having some notable issues with our grocery stores having much less food available. It now takes at least 2 weeks to receive instacart deliveries. But otherwise I’m doing alright.


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HI Jayhawker,

I don't mind being alone once in a while. Matter of fact I need it. But it does get old fast. I think it is because we don't have a choice. It makes it worse. Our Instacart is totally fubar now. I feel for the very elderly, (I am only elderly, not very yet) who rely on that resource for their food. Hang in there.

Hi Jayhawker! I’ve also been going through many Lysol wipes. I’m doing all light switches, door knobs, faucet handles, fridge door, locks, everything! It’s a crazy time. Sadly, I’ve been hearing that this may go on for another 18 months to a year. It’s getting a little depressing. 😫

That was hilarious Jayhawker! This is the kind of humour that we need right now, isn’t it? This is a crazy time, but at least we still have the freedom to laugh (even if most of us are laughing by ourselves!) Lol! Thanks again for that! Take care! 😊👍

I have wondered the same. Somehow, I seemed to have lost the kidney posts, but I think I got things straightened out. Glad to be back!

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Hi Lowraind,

Glad you are back too. Take care

Me too! It’s nice to hear (or read, that is) from everyone. Take good care guys! God bless. 😊👍

OK, It's official. I have to stop watching local television. While I live in the country, many folks raise beef, chicken, and hogs. They then cut to another local reporter who was speaking to some others about what they will do if they can't get enough help when the time comes to get the finished product out of the field. Several suggested that they would like to hire out of school students if they had to. Meanwhile back in town, a reporter asking folks what they would do if the farmers were unable to get their product to market and one woman actually said, "Oh, I don't care about that. We get all of our food from the grocery store." I just hope she isn't a voter!

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😂😂😂 Lol!!! That’s hilarious Mr. Kidney! Boy, I needed that nice hearty laugh! Yes, I agree though, hope she’s not a voter! Lol! I wonder if she thought that the food just grows right there on the store shelves! Oh that’s funny. 😊👍😂

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Oh, I have missed you!

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Mr. Kidney,

Oh boy...stupid is as stupid does. I do not understand something I read about. Around here farmers have dumped their product and destroyed it. For example, one farmer trashed a boat load of cabbage. Others dumped milk. Why in heck is our government not giving them the money they need to cover their cost and get the product into food shelters if nothing else. Makes no sense to me. Yet we are giving everyone thousands of dollars for stimulus checks. Stupid is......

in reply to Bassetmommer

Do you remember who is in the WH? There is no national coordination and planning for these issues. Without knowing why those individuals dumped their products I can't answer you. Perhaps it was because of an abundance of caution. However, subsidies are necessary for growers and livestock ranchers but the money seems to be going to large corporations. I wish I had the answers.

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I believe the article said that it cost more to prepare and ship than worth it so they dump it. Cabbage, squash and milk were mentioned. And then it showed a huge pile of cabbage. Sad

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Who are the friends of that person in the WH?

in reply to lowraind

Governors of the same party who aren't locking down their state to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

His enablers who tell him he is in control and not the Governors and those pushing to open the country before we have enough testing capabilities to keep everyone safe.

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This is what I was referring to: "but the money seems to be going to large corporations". These are his friends and it behooves him to help them.

in reply to lowraind

Actually not so many friends as donors. The worst part was him accusing Healthcare workers of stealing PPE and selling them on the black market.

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Don't get me started with him. My husband is a follower and many of the people in our biweekly breakfast group are also. I feel like a fish out of water--glub, glub, glub!

We just sold our home, and have moved into a large apartment complex. I'm 80 and my wife is 81. It's a bit more challenging to get in our daily exercise since all fitness centers, YMCA, etc. are shut down. Other than that, we're enjoying our new (maintenance-free) "nest."

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I live in a retirement community in FL and have been "sheltering in place" (hurricane term) for last 4 weeks, as suggested by CDC. Only go to grocery store pick up and drive thru at CVS. Most Doctors are going to telemedicine for the duration of the Corona Virus restrictions, and I will be using it for this week's appointment. We are all able to walk around the complex and socialize as long as 6 ft requirement is maintained. Have been catching up on things such as reading books etc. Using stream on TV so many videos and movies to watch etc. Sometimes just go for rides.

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Hi all! Sounds like everyone is keeping as busy as you can while staying safe.

Here it was in the 50's and then the bottom fell out of our weather....4-8" of snow overnight and through today! My daughter always says, "....and you wanted to live in the Rockies above 5,000 ft." The weather comes with the beauty of the mountains

My husband actually made bread! I told him when he suggested it...go right ahead. Didn't turn out bad for his first try.

I am pretty much self-isolating as the last week I have been running a temp 99.2-101. My nephrologist thinks I could have the virus, but doesn't want me to chance it by going out for the test. Doesn't want me to be around "sick" people. I really didn't think I had it since I don't appear to be very sick - just achy with a mild cough. I guess it goes to show you that not everyone gets a bad case and winds up in the hospital. I am very grateful!

Take care all and Happy Easter!

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HI WyoAnne,

Your weather sounds like ours. We had 65 on Monday and then snow on Thursday and Friday. I hope your sickness stays mild. Take care.

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WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

Thanks so much! So far so good as far as being sick. Just really tired. My nephrologist was reassuring me that it would not effect my transplant.

Stay well.

Hey Bassetmommer I was wondering the same thing with the forums so quiet. We are fine here. We already homeschool so that is fine. There are still 3 adults working. My son is in retain and my husband just started working from home which is weird. I am a nurse and still working and trying to keep the virus out of our facility.

As for food and hobbies I am trying to stick to my diet as much as possibe and exercise more. I am working on my Health Coach business and starting two new classes but I really am not throwing a ton of money into it to advertise. I had expected I would this year but too much unknown to do that. I am crocheting face masks for my family and I have created a how to care for me plan should I get sick so my family knows exactly what to do and how. I started a veggie garden and will hopefully get to herbs soon. I am in Florida so we plant early. I love my pool and bike path for walks. Though it is getting a bit hot for walks. We volunteer at a local dog rescue once a week and for now that is safe. I started to paint again and am trying my hand at writing a book. If I love it I might do more. It might take a while lol.

I disinfect my house every day. No shoes in the house unless cleaned outside. I wash laundry with hydrogen peroxide.

I guess that is it. I hope everyone else is well.

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Hye Melissa,

I thank you for your service as a nurse. I have many friends and coworkers who are on the front lines right now. I was in Homecare which I think is terribly scary as you have no control of peoples sanitary conditions. I worry for them and all the other healthcare people. I am the Chairperson of our local ambulance corps. We serve over 5000 calls a year so we are/were busy. We had to change so much of what we do including shutting down our clinics and outreach. Such weird times.

I would love to be gardening but as I speak, the temperature is plummeting and we are expecting freezing temps again this week. Being a health coach was something I thought about and actually took a lot of course work in alternative and trauma therapies. But... once I retired, I just said fogedabotit. (NY slang)

I like the how to care of me plan. I think I should do something I should attend to. Good idea.

Take care and look forward to you sage advice.

I am from NY so I get the slang. LOL

Oh and I had my first Baltimore Oriole visit the feeder. I feel so lucky as apparently they are not seen this far south. They really are attracted by oranges lol

in reply to HealthBuddyMelissa

Our Oriole Feeder is orange but contains sugar water. They will accept that while in migration and they are headed south. Sometimes they will stick around here for a few days to rest up after a difficult flight. Considering what went through here yesterday and Friday, I expect them to hang around a few more days. Once we hit May they no longer show up at the feeder.

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I hope to see more then. There was only one and I believe it was a male all alone unless his mate was close by.

Hi everyone,

I’m really enjoying this thread! So nice to hear about everybody’s lives during this time. I have been in my house for 5 weeks now except for a couple of curb side pick ups and walking my dog. I also took a drive with my hubby on Easter Sunday to bring Easter dinner and bunny treats to our 4 twenty something kids who are sheltering in place in their Chicago apartments. Just stood outside socially distant of course and had a short visit with each one. It was nice to see them in person instead of on a screen.

My husband has been working remotely from home for the last 6 years with a meeting downtown here and there and I’m a retired stay at home mom so not too much different for us to shelter in place. I can’t believe I am saying this but I miss going to the grocery store as that was my place to go and chit chat a bit. I get everything delivered or do curbside pickup now. I have been obsessed with jigsaw puzzles during this whole thing. Really helps distract me when I’m getting stressed out or anxious. I also am finally sending out a couple of children’s book manuscripts to publishers and cleaning a closet here and there.

Bassetmommer, I love the term covidiots!

I will be using that one for sure. I have some covidiot extended family members who keep hanging out with their kids who work out in the public every day and grandkids and got together with their kids and grandchildren for Easter dinner. 😬

I am due for bloodwork but am going to hold off for now. Hopefully my stage 4 kidneys will last through this pandemic!

Take care and stay safe and well!

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador in reply to Jamok

Hi Jamok,

Glad all is well. My hubby and I went to see his daughter on Easter and we just hung out in the parking lot and chatted for a while. She is a grocery store worker. We worry constantly about her because the Covidiots that shop at her store and who feel entitled. They bring all the kids, touch everything and do not wear masks. But she is smart and handling her personal protection well. The store JUST now allow them to wear masks. But they did put up plastic shields on the check out area.

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Hi Jamak,

I, too, work from home regularly. I’m a university special education professor. So my routine hasn’t changed a lot but my graduate students are all teachers. They’re lives have changed in major ways. So they’ve been pretty stressed out and anxious. Thankfully we’re nearly to the final two weeks of the semester. I’ll be glad when my students have some time to collect themselves and so forth; they definitely need some free time to rest and relax.

Other than that I’ve adjusted to this “new normal” much more quickly than I’d expected I would when this first began. Nevertheless, I look forward to the time when my state can begin gradually reducing the stay at home order. It looks as though we are finally going to have warmer weather starting next Monday. I’ll finally be able to consistently get out walking more daily then. That will be good. Plus I can work on my deck for a few hours every day. Both will likely perk me up considerably.

And I’ll start planning container gardening for the season. I won’t be able to start planting until close to Memorial Day but I can order annual plants and herbs. I like to grow my own herbs fir cooking during the summers:)


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HI Jayhawker,

I did not even think about my plants. I usually buy my garden plants on or around May 12th. It has been a tradition for me for years. I used to love it when I was working, because I would take the day off and steal away to the garden centers and immerse myself in flowers and baby plants. Everyone there would be walking around, smiling and very pleasant. Now, we are restricted until May 15th. I wonder if the centers will even open. It won't be the first time the garden goes in late. We have had snow for the last three days and blustery winds so we too have not gotten out to walk. It too shall pass.

I live in a suburb of Kansas City. I actually woke up to a light dusting of snow this past Friday; very unusual for this area. Our weather is predicted to be in the upper 60s and lower 70s next week. This is definitely late for us by many weeks. But I should finally be able to get out walking daily next week. Plus I’ll get my deck furniture out on Monday. I’ll them be able to do some work from my deck each day. I think just being out in sun daily will be good. Plus being able to get walking daily again is always good.


Good morning....newbie here. Thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us. I needed it. Here in Oklahoma, the weather was as perfect as it gets but to me, the sky was too blue and the clouds too pretty. Just going to take time to get into the 'swing' of this new diagnosis.....So much on the bad list that we love to eat....I was so happy to read about your pasta making.....I'm on it. I love pasta so you made me better already. My last GFR was 47... stage 3......Lost a good friend to this many years ago and actually forgot about what she went thru until this weekend. Memories came flooding back....That sucked. Nothing like a good slap of reality sometimes but I didn't like that one. I'm glad I found this site. If I ramble, everyone is very welcome to tell me to shut the crap a good week everyone.

I'm holding steady at 41 percent gfr and basically cleaning house and taking care of the hubby

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