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Bad weather = motivation plummets!


Oh dear!! The weather has turned! Rain rain rain is the forecast over the whole week ahead!

I don't dislike rain but it has the habit of making you want to lay in bed or snuggle on the sofa instead of that get-up-and-go that morning sunshine gives you!

In a few minutes I have to drag myself downstairs to do my aerobics! And I will do it! I will *inner voice trying to sound commanding*.

Also this colder wetter weather makes you want to reach for warming heavy foods!

The winter months are going to be a challenge! Luckily I have this forum to keep me going! Lol

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But autumn/winter clothes are better CM!! I find it much harder to motivate myself when I can slob about in a baggy sun dress off the market!

Hidden in reply to Eleanorba

I agree. I'm looking forward to running with my wooly hat on and feeling the rain.

The pond is 15°C I am excited to see and feel it getting colder.

Do you think so? Sounds like a reason to go shopping! Lol. Some new swag winter clothes lol

EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to CrimsonMama

Exactly! That’s what motivates me (what a sad girl I am!)


Keep logging in and we will all support each other.

Enjoy your aerobics. 💪💪💪

CrimsonMama in reply to Hidden

I did thank you! Didn't take long to warm up once I got started and shakes off that slumpy energy too!

I find walkingbuo one stairs then down then up 2 then down then 3 then down instead of going straight upstairs helps, (unless I need a wee) the kitchen is a great place to exercise as well as the kettles boiling do a few squats, do some weights with cans of food, your only limited by your imagination x

CrimsonMama in reply to patski73

Haha! Reminds me of when I used to be doing sit-ups on the kitchen floor whilst dinner cooking!

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