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Pineapple274 stone

Hello and good morning fellow weightlossers!

Directly as a result of losing weight, I started writing my blog about losing weight with a disability five years ago.... flidfit.com, sharing my journey and my recipes!

Hoping that members here might feel able to nominate my blog for an award?


Looking to enter it on the second category:

"Weight loss or healthy eating blogger of the year – A blog focusing on supporting people to lose weight or encourage people to eat healthier. This must be based around national evidence."

Hope you feel that it's worthy of a nomination, and in any case I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Plenty of recipes to browse through....

Thanks in advance,


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Good luck, Simone, you're certainly a very worthy contender! :)

Hi, I have just nominated you. I told them I have talked about you to a class of children and find your ideas and tips really motivating. Good luck 🤞

Pineapple274 stone in reply to EllaMidlands

Aww thanks! It's funny as I had never considered myself as particularly inspiring or motivating, but somehow writing down what I have found has helped or worked seems to inspire and motivate others! Shame I can't bottle it and sell it 🙂 but always happy to try and help others on their weight loss journey.


I put "Inspiring! See for yourself." I hope they do :-)

Good luck - have nominated you. It's a fab blog :) Your safari sounds amazing, the photos are incredible!

ary88Restart July 2020

Thanks Pineapple,for your blog support and for being such an inspiration, pleased to nominate you,good luck😊 Gill

I went and nominated you....good luck x

HappyBeee3 stone

Look at the difference Simone omg! You look a million dollars now, v inspiring to me to keep going!

Will nominate u for sure xxx

Pineapple274 stone in reply to HappyBeee

I think once you accept that it will take a while, but that you just keep on going through the good times and the bad, the journey becomes much easier!

HappyBeee3 stone in reply to Pineapple27

Very true!

HappyBeee3 stone

Gave a bit of a spiel there for ya! Hope u win!!!!

Nomination completed..

You are inspirational, encouraging and real...

Ceals3 stone

What a difference you have made, you deserve all kinds of awards never mind blogger of the year.

You will certainly get my nomination.


Nominated😃 Wishing you good luck 💐


You look beautiful!!!!!

Thank you everyone for your support and nominations!

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