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Bad day

For some reason I can't just have a bad diet day I have to go to extremes and eat until it hurts (I still have indigestion this morning!). Yesterday I slept badly, went out for lunch in a pub and then bought a KitKat to eat afterwards. Went home and ate all the bread, Still cooked and ate my healthy dinner although I was so full I could barely move! Then I had to do some baking for a charity event tomorrow and had to try everything! Licked the spoon, cleaned out the bowl, cut the edge off the brownies to taste.

This is week three, I've lost 3lb, fingers crossed it hasn't all gone back on in one go. Not proud 🙁

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Morning Elizahanna

We have all done it and you will have bad days, so it's happened now just put it behind you and move on. Why not use the Daily Diary to help you stay on track and plan your days menu? You can find it in Events on the Home page. When you start to want snacking try going for a walk or take a long bath, paint your nails anything to get your mind off snacking.

Well done on losing 3lbs that is brilliant going, keep at it you can do this.


Thanks, I do use My fitness Pal, and will try to limit the damage next time I have a bad day.

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Don't worry, it's just a bad day we all have them it's part of the journey, the trick is to decide today is a new day and I can and will achieve my goals.

Next time try to remember how bad you felt with indigestion (you'll think twice) and use some avoidance tactics, a walk, read a book, soak in a bath, put your hands in the washing up, put water and soap in all the bowls so you can't lick them, cut edges and throw them straight out to the birds or in the bin.

You are doing great one day doesn't make a disaster, you can do it 🏆💪

Good luck

Kat xx


Thank you xx

I'll try not to turn into an eating machine next time Temptation comes calling.

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