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Last stage is the hardest sugar

Hello Everyone,

Up to now I have managed to eat healthyish and lost the weight but then after Christmas and the overload of chocolate I decided to stop eating chocolate (about 4wks ago) successfully.

Last night after moaning to my Trainer about my stubborn ab's which refuses to go down whike everything else has. His reply " won't go down until you stop eating biscuits and products with sugar" I have a major sweet tooth but only for biscuits and cakes.

He is right so today I handed over my biscuits in the cupboard to my daughter to take to work for the staff room. Made some sugar free jelly. But stuck for idea's other than plain yogurt, sugar free peanut butter? To curb then sugar craving Please.

Going to make meals more packed with veg (too much carbs bloats me and not keen on spuds gluten free)

This is going to be hard. But will do this I have lost 2st already gone from 18 to 12 abs's stopping the 10. If I an do that I can do this.

Hope everyone esle good success


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Good luck :)


Let us know how you get on and good luck!


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