French: dietary guidelines

French: dietary guidelines

The French initiative "mangerbouger" is aimed at getting people to eat better and move more. The dietary advice is very similar to that of the UK except they recommend three dairy per day. The programme has nine 'signposts':

1. 5 fruit and veg per day

2. whole grains or cereals with each meal

3. three dairy per day

4. beef, fish or eggs 1 or 2 portions per day

5. drink plenty of water

6. reduce salt

7. reduce sugar

8. use little fats and oils

9. take 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days per week

A link to the visual in the post:

The national programme for French health:

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8 Replies

  • What struck me in France is the leisurely pace of meals, and how small the amounts they actually eat 😀 At breakfast a lady next to me had two bites of croissant and tiny piece ham . . . And a cigarette! ! Red wine and cheese are consumed daily. And they remain one of the healthiest nations in Europe . . .

  • I can vouch for the cheese :-)

  • I wa always under the impression that French women survived on black coffee and Gauloises! 😊

  • Yes!!!! 😆😆😆

  • Very interesting !

  • Unfortunately, the French diet is changing fast - they are the world's largest consumers of McDonald's outside the USA. Supermarket shelves are filled with global brands and of course you see fewer and fewer people smoking as it's no longer permitted in public indoor spaces.

  • Granted the supermarket shelves are a depressing site, but thankfully you can still get duck fat to cook with in France. Their McDo food has to be sourced locally so at least it's made with decent quality stuff.

  • You can always get a decent cup of coffee at MackieDoos in France and it's cheap!

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