Hi All day 2

Hi all very proud of myself today there where Jaffa cakes chocolate sweets etc at work and I wasn't tempted onceI was actually looking forward to my fruit salad with fat free yogurt as they munched away !have eaten so well last 2days and enjoyed my food couldn't wait to tell you on here tonight still positive looking forward to tomorrow x Hope your all staying positive keep up the good work x


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8 Replies

  • Lizzy 70

    please don't mention Jaffa cakes....... torture 😊they keep coming up weekly i can't resist them so much so i can't bring them in to the house they would be my downfall as they are my Fav-our-ite !!!!!!😥Lizzy i am now thinking about them - good job I haven't any. Just had an apple and a teaspoon of cruchy peanut butter 😭

  • Good for you Lizzie, keep at it! :)

  • Well done Lizzy, you're in the zone. Good weight loss coming next week :)

  • Well done resisting. I know it isn't easy. Xx

  • Good for you. The sweet bowl at work has recently been filled up, I shall resist. You have inspired me. I think I will bring a fruit bowl in to work next week and see how that goes down.

  • Haha I like it I feel so positve at the moment and it finding this site that has really hopefully put on the right road I actually truly enjoyed my fruit bowl with fat free yogurt so hopefully I'm going to stay focused positive probably will do walking I'm not sure I could run down the road never mind for 60 seconds x

  • Thanks for your inspiring words. I really hope that I can find the strength from somewhere to start

    Maybe we can support each other if you want to

    Keep on keeping on!

  • Ah that would be great x

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