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Too HOT for food

It`s been ages since I posted but had to get my anger with myself off my chest. It`s been so hot and this year, I`m not copping with it well (must be an age thing :-( ) I have not felt like eating a hot cooked meal so I have eaten junk and sat about in the cool!!! I do have salads but too much upsets me. I have gained 4lb this week. It`s my own fault and I must try harder. I am a stone lighter than when I joined but I know I can do so much better. Roll on cooler weather when I can get back to walking, I`m sure that helps me a lot but for the moment I need a zip on my mouth!!! It`s no ones fault but my own. Note to self... Good kick up the bum and try harder. Good luck to all of you out there struggling like me. Nice to have back up when it`s needed, thanks.

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Hi, we all go through bad patches and look for things to blame. When the weather is hot there are plenty of meals you can have besides salad, how about rice based dishes with lots of veggies or tuna pasta etc. Also, if it's too hot to walk outside how about exercise videos inside, Leslie Sansones are really good, free on you tube. Hope you feel better now you've had a vent, today's is a new day, just start again. Good luck.

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Thank`s for the advice. I never thought of rice or pasta dishes. I`m from the meat and two veg era and am now aware (thanks to your reply) that I am stuck in a rut regarding food. So now I`ll dig out my weighted hula-hoop and go for more pasta, rice, tuna and salmon. Onwards and downwards with the weight. :-)


I agree, but do not overdo with dressing and portions :)

I am just back from Italy visiting relatives (over 30 degrees from morning to evening) and eating can be tricky, but look at the Mediterranean countries for inspiration :) There are plenty of fresh solutions in the Mediterranean diet.

Try with having past or rice (and carbs) at noon, while meat and side in the evening (no bread or carbs). This should help with sleeping and energy level (and evenings are fresher, so you should be able to digest meat.

You can use some parma ham (or jambon cerrano) and mellon for a small but nutrient lunch if you like (typical hot season food) or go for a different type of salad (a great option is the caprese which is 1 tomato, 1 mozzarella both sliced and put one on top of the other and just a touch of olive oil and salt and some oregano or basil).

You can grill aubergines and courgettes, add some sliced garlic and olive oil, some oregano or basil and eat them with some bread if you want it.

What about couscous? You could prepare some mixed veggie and add them to a simple plate of couscous (maybe prepared with some lemon or lime and some mint.

You can also try vegetables (carrots, potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, onions...) cut in cubes and put in the oven until coked (roasted vegetables). You can have them warm or cold :)

You can go on the complex home made pizza, but you might want to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen ;)

Avoid heavy meat (beef, pork) or processed food. there are plenty of solutions online as well :)

hope this helps

all the best



Oooooh marco83 you are making me hungry!! 😊

Fab ideas there implement 😊 I also struggle with the heat and feel for you 😕 But don't despair, some of the 4lbs could be fluid if you've been over heating 😕

Good luck


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