Day 2 - Update

Total Calories: 1879 of 2200 ~ 5 a day: 5 ~ Active minutes: 101 ~ Steps: 9757

Had a very good day today. Felt like I've had alot of energy where as normally I'd be sluggish on a Saturday. I fully intend to follow the 12 week plan and weigh in on Mondays but I wasn't waiting for Monday to roll round so I'm having a 3 day mini week to get the all rolling. My GP pointed me to this site and I also have an appointment with the weight loss nurse on the 22nd. I need to show I'm getting this right as I have probably got an op in my near future and need to be a bit lighter for being knocked out! Safe to say I need to take better care of myself. I know I can get there!


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4 Replies

  • you go you can do this

  • pleased you've had a good day, and well done on the steps! good luck!

  • Well done another good day you're staying positive😃😃😃👍

  • Great idea to have a mini week 😊 Also about being a healthier weight for surgery, I'm booked for a hysterectomy next week and having reasonable BMI (28) is one less thing to worry about 😕 I've lost 18kg so far, if I can do it so can you 😊

    Walking is a brilliant exercise and will really help burn fat, build muscle and also boost your mood 😊

    Best wishes

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