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Disgusted & motivated

Hi all,

A little back story - i am 23, female (which is hard enough in this day&age!) and am overweight. After starting a new job last year (loving it!) i get all the school holidays, and im 5 weeks into the 6 weeks of summer holidays! Just weighed myself for the first time in a wee while and WOW, i knew i'd over indulged, but i was shocked and a bit disgusted in myself, which isnt a good feeling. Decided to start the NHS 12 week plan, i am determind to lose weight!

Any tips, advice and general chat would be a great help, as i dont want to feel alone in my journey to a healthier me! Thanks!

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Hi glad to know you love your new job so happy for you.

I have only been on this plan for 1 week my first weigh in on Monday

I just count everything I eat and Write it all done so I can keep a record of it ,I am to determined to loose the weight so I have made a promise to my self not to cheat or have any treats , as I think once you do that you keep doing it and it takes longer to loose the weight .

Count your calories drink plenty of water and go walking , it will happen

And good luck to you xx


Hi and welcome Bookworm :)

Time to stop feeling disgust and start to feel proud that you've taken the first steps to the new you :)

Have a look at the pinned posts section to the right of your screen and starting with our Welcome Newbies post, work your way through :)

Consider joining any, or all of the challenges and if you look at the Events section, on the home page, you'll see that we also run a monday group weigh-in. If you follow Zest and myself, you'll receive a notification when the new threads are posted.

Be active on the forum and you'll soon realise that you're not alone, because our members are extremely friendly and supportive :)

Wishing you all the very best as you start out on your journey to health and happiness :)


I am in the same position as you being off for the summer I try to give myself things to do so I don't get bored and eat, and if I do eat I try smaller portions And bite size bars is I need chocolate that seems to help me, I also do extra walks to take my mind off food that seems to work good luck

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Hello bookworm

You have taken the first and most difficult step which is making the decision to change the way to eat and live your life 😊 Getting your head into the right place is vital to success, having faith in yourself 😊 Very best wishes, looking forward to hearing of your weight loss 😊


Wow you are young, 23 and in a job you love what a lovely place to be.

Ok so you have put on a little weight haven't we all, Don't Panic because I know you will stick to the 12 week plan and starting my 12th week I know it is a new lifestyle change for the better. You have said you are determined so your mind set is good and if that is good everything is doable.

I write everything down in my diary feelings, progress, bad days etc I also fill in the weekly sheets off the 12 week plan too ( I am a bit of a paper shuffler)

I have motivational phrases around me to help and am using the weight jars as motivation too. For myself I have put my weight to loose 63lbs in £1 coins in 1 jar and as I loose lbs I transfer £1 coins over to my weight lost jar at the end hopefully 41/2 stone lighter the 63 will buy me something to remember my journey.

Hope you manage to stay on track any sticky moments post a I NEED HELP there is always someone to give you good advice whatever time of day.

Best Wishes Bev

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One tip i love is to wear the comfiest shoes you can, you will naturally move more and want to be more active. Keep the high heels for nights out. Also drinks lots of water x good luck. I too get school hols but try to use the time to be more active x


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