Diet vs thoughtfulness

Here's my dilemma. I have a 12 year old, she's very volatile, either happy and lovely or angry and we all know it. Yesterday when I came home from work, everyone else was in. She ran to her bag and brought out a Wispa - my favourite chocolate - and hugged me and said 'this is to say thank you for all your support with my drama' (she'd been in a play). SHe doesn't know I'm on a healthy eating phase. I don't know why, I feel it's best not to make a deal of it for her sake.

Anyway, do I eat it to show appreciation and to not offend, or do I explain and not eat it at all, or do I share it out between the family and secretly get husband to eat my bit??


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14 Replies

  • Why not share it with her as a celebration of her success in the play, then count it in your days eating plan ??

    You are right it's not about drawing attention because it sounds like she could take it the wrong way, ooh to be 12 again and all those hormones!!! At the same time it's showing her maybe eating is a balance of healthy with a little 'treat' as well in moderation. Hate the word treat but could not think of another!! Lol

    Stick to what is comfortable for you but a little bit of choccie won't hurt and if it keeps you all happy😃


  • Save it until she is out and then give it to hubby sniff and smell it eat the crumbs and tell her it was a lovely thought. You have to look at bigger picture there must be 250 wasted calories which will up glucose levels and not do you any good . We need to keep fit and active to support our children. We are still picking up the pieces with ours and they are 30's and 40's. x

  • offer to have half each!! life will still carry on, we have to fit the food around our life, and not having it will upset her, its half a bar of chocolate, just hoover the house from top to bottom like a loony!!! xx

  • Thank you! We are going out for a big walk today, so I'll take it with us. Brilliant.

  • I suspect that you'll get so many differences of opinion on this, you'll be in more of a dilemma after than you were before :)

    I have chosen to tell my grandchildren that I'm trying to lose weight, because otherwise, every time we do anything that has something to do with food, I'd have a similar dilemma. They have no problem with knowing and are sure to make certain that I'm not straying from the straight and narrow :)

  • I hope also you are setting good examples around food too

  • I've always set good examples to others about food. I just haven't taken my own advice :)

  • Hopefully you now are?!

  • Oh yes, now and forever :)

  • Thanks all. I'm trying to be balanced, and yet firm with myself. I have to operate in a black and white way or I just slide into bad habits.

  • I'm the same, it's a case of all or nothing for me :)

  • What do do with a wispa...😁 I love the idea of going on a walk and taking it with you, lucky Wispa to last that long, no chance in my house 😁 I think I would just eat it and count it into part of my plan, be it calories, syns, points, or whatever !

  • What a lovely gesture. I have a 14 yr old and I get so frustrated with her moods but I know it's just a phase.....I was the same at her age and I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that even understanding how she feels, it's really hard to help in any way........however for some reason shopping for clothes seems to work😀

    I too would have shared the whisper with her......she has enough on her plate she doesn't need to know you are on a'll just quietly become a weight lost, trim, cool inspirational mother.

  • I have just been clothes shopping with her!

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