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Water campaign


How is the drinking 2 litre water campaign going? With me I have to get back into it.

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Failed yesterday . Didn't get my timing right. Ok when at home but toilets an issue sometimes when out. Today should be better.

I always wondered how do people manage to drink tons when they are out a lot but now I have the answer they don't unless there is a toilet on site.

Also want to start now.

drink in the woods? Seriously, I can't imagine...

I am coming to your area as you always seem to have no issue wth the toilet. lol!

Hi Bakersdozen,

Please do. Dozens of square miles of uneven terrain, boulders from the last Ice Age, morains, thick fir and birch forest. Nice relief from the city centre. In several ways. Good luck!

I had this advice re water when I started. Couldn't do it as I cannot do without my tea. I must drink more than 2 litres of tea a day which is in effect flavoured water. A nutritionist told me that there is hardly any benefit of drinking plain water against tea with skimmed milk and no sugar as long as you are drinking the required volume. Didn't seem to affect my 8 stone weight loss.

No problem but my issue is that I do not drink enough. I personally don't like tea if I have hot drinks than it is boiled milk with drinking chocolate but I may not have milk due to my endo so luckily no-one n my house likes milk otherwise..

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So true my addiction to tea just don't stop me from drinking one pot after another six big mugs a pot I lose weight not gain I really do believe it's smaller portions often have a treat

Yes, bakersd, i,m dehydrated quite often with accompanying headaches etc. Not sure how it helps with slimming though. I just know when i,ve not drunk enough. At home today and my chair is closest to the loo which is downstairs. Were it upstairs i could see the slimming benefits.😅😅😅

I am exactly the same as you also gets headaches.

I always seem to have water or a cup of tea to hand. I think it's from my healthy days before I'll. I drink more than enough for everyone lol

Water flavourings really help me with drinking 2 litres a day and sometimes more. I make up in a litre jug with a glass next to it. Every time I go into the kitchen I chug a glass.

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Everyone is so different cause if I have flavoured water than I end up eating sugary foods so for me I have to stick to water whereas my hubby cannot drink water only.


My understanding is that when this amount was recommended in the War it included the amount we get from food. When I drink that much I urinate frequently; simples :-)

When it works thirst is perfectly adequate.

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

I am trying to complete it

Try and you will get there. The main thing is your urine is clear.

Doing well manage most days feel better for it, should have lost weight just running backwards and forwards to loo!!

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Well done! You are so funny!

I am also finally drinking much more all thanks to all of you and not getting any more headaches.

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