Weigh in results

Here I am crawling back with my tail firmly between my legs...

+2lbs :(

To be fair, I did lose 6 last week but my trip to Dublin just disrupted everything :(

I came back with a horrendously bad stomach and spent the weekend plus the last 2 days in bed with severe pain and the runs... (TMI!!)

So, I'm

Back at work today and hopefully back on it. Still can't go to the gym until I'm fully recovered though :(


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4 Replies

  • Hi HanPan, hope you feel better soon. Dublin may have disrupted everything - but maybe it was actually quite fun? We've got to live while we're doing all this too! You definitely have a bit of license to have a blowout after last week's 6lb loss, even though it may have been unplanned and sounds like it was maybe bad timing to have this break away so early on in the weight loss process. But hopefully future breaks will become easier to manage? Be easy on yourself and definitely don't drag yourself back to the gym before you're 100%.

  • Never mind losing weight right now. You just look after yourself. You are more important then any weighing scales

  • Keep going, you are doing great

  • I put on 2 last week too after a few nights in Blackpool! Your allowed a wee break now and then, don't be too hard on yourself :) x

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