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Food Glorious Food

So this coming week I'm going to be talking mostly about food. Last week I learned that enjoying food is ok, I just need to recognise when enough is enough.

I want to share the kinds of meals I'm eating at the moment to demonstrate that actually, I can eat perfectly reasonable, healthy meals and still massively enjoy them. It doesn't have to be dripping in fat to be tasty!

Also, me and my OH are proper skint, so these meals aren't expensive to do either which is a huge bonus for us.

It's so easy to get bored eating healthy food, but hopefully this blogging mini series will give a few of you some ideas too :)

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What a great idea. And lovely way to share your meal plans. We all get bored and can,t be bothered frame of mind. So it,s a good way to get us allthinking let,s try something different.


It is great that you are still enjoying food but making healthy choices and this is surely one of the best ways to maintain long term. If you replace all your food with food that tastes like cardboard you are unlikely be able to keep it off and as soon as you get fed up "dieting" all the weight will pile back on - been there, done that!


I love cooking, but I have to admit I was stuck in a rut cooking the same old things over and over again. But this weight loss lark has inspired me again and I've got my adventurous culinary spirit back. Keep posting your ideas to keep me inspired.xx

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