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Update week 7

Hi everyone,

Lil update on my progress. My goals on 02/03/2015 have been - walking, healthy meals and drinking more water.

As I thought I didn't stick to the diet as i should have done (probably made it till week 4 - and i should be at the end of week 7 today.. i think) I do read the guide every week tho and take the suggestions on board. I did cal counting till week 4, had lost 3-4lb i think by then.But then i had personal stuff going on so i put the weight back on for about one week. BUT! Things are ok since then. I have been watching what and how much i eat (no cal counting though since W4). From 15st 9lb at the start (went down to 15st 5lb but put them few lb back on) I am now down to 15st 2lb and going down. Running 3 times a week (if not more) - 30min - AND I'M LOVING IT!! :-D Over half way in C25K :-D I feel more positive, healthy and fit. No depression as before. I have steady weight loss and going down - not drastically but getting there. I watch my 5-a-day lil more closely than before. For the past month i had probably 3-4 frozen meals where before i had them every day or every other day . The meals have been either homemade from scratch or BBQ so that's good.The meat we bought was fresh chicken or pork and not breaded or battered. I should work on drinking water cuz that's the thing i struggle with.. i just don't feel thirsty:-/ - i would drink water only before and after run but thats about it.. there will be days when i would have only like 1 glass if so... but I'm working on it .. :-/

So.... So far is going great - my routine is back, i run 3 times a week, eat healthy meals.. water is to work on!! :-D

MoNi :-)

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That's great, well done🎉🎉 half a stone is a fab achievement! Good luck on increasing your water intake, I invested in a litre drinking bottle and try and drink one throughout the morning and one throughout the afternoon and one I'm the evening to keep on top of it. Doesn't always work out but helps! 🌸

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thank you Anna,

That's a good idea.. I used to drink A LOT of water but now seems like i can live without it (not really but..)

Its a good idea with the bottle - i'd probably have one 500ml and refilling it when is done.. other wise big bottle might put me off :-/

Thanks again! x

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I'm like you with the water drinking - before children I used to drink gallons and the weight was OK but since children it's hard to drink a lot and not be in the loo all day!!! but I do find that I can drink more if I add a little sugar free peach squash and my body does seem to be getting used to being hydrated again and I can stay at my desk for longer between visits haha!


thats good idea. thx x :-)


Good attitude! It's great that you are so motivated to exercise, that will help you a lot! I drink 3 glasses of water in the morning and another 3 before going to bed. I've done that for years, it's now a habit. Good luck!

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