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Hi everyone.

I have started trying to live a better and healthier life buy eating more sensibly and taking more and more exercise.

I am using fitness pal on my smart phone and also use pacer to take notes on diet and exercise which I find works well and is a real eye opener especially showing me how little protein I have been eating.

Pacer counts all my steps in a day and gives me calorie credits on FitnessPal giving me encouragement to walk etc.

I continually find treats lying around the house and confess to letting slip more than a few times.

Now knowing how hard it is to loose weight I am trying a bit harder.

I now keep fruit and veg out instead of sweets and as long as they are fresh and plenty of choice I go for these.

Bottom line:

Hide your sweets and display your fruits and veg! (You know what I mean)

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I think that is a great phrase to live by i should do that more often lol. I have made small changes like keeping only minimal treats around as i find if i make them forbidden i crack a lot quicker, so i keep a few weight watchers cake bars around so if i have calories left and i fancy something sweet i wont be tempted to but chocolate at the shop next door.

Well done on having so much willpower, keep up the good work


Sweets are my biggest sin. And right when I started this programme, my partner wanted a chocolate cake. So we made one - the whole thing has about 6000 cal, lol. But to support me, he then chopped it up into small pieces and put in freezer. After weighing it etc., I found that one small piece (about 50g) + a spoon of vanilla ice cream is worth about 300 cal. That's the energy I burn when I go to gym to do the Couch to 5K programme, which (still on the wagon) I do 3 times a week. So every other day, when I had my workout I can have a little pice of cake and it does not spoil the 1400 cal ceiling! I am feeling really happy about this arrangement. (Also, I spend about 10 min on the little cake, enjoying it as much as I can, no gobbling it down anymore.)

Apart from that - I agree, no sweets in the house. They would be eaten very quickly.


For me it`s don't buy the sweets. I know where I HIDE THEM!


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