it's working!

I have lost one pound this week .....making a total of 6 pounds in three weeks! The nhs diet works well for me ....why have I not done this before....I am even lactose and gluten free at the moment and still finding it quite easy to plan meals under 1400 calories. Also doing week four run one this morning on c25k so wish me luck! Looking forward to the next 6 pounds off!!!! :)


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9 Replies

  • Well done & good luck. Doing it slowly means you will stick to it & it will stay off. C25K is brilliant too.

  • Thank you! Done the run well slow jog ....feelin good :)

  • Well done huggit, had my first weigh in this morning and I've lost 3lb. I'm happy with that as I'd not been loosing anything following slimming world. Day 3 of week one c25k this morning and a bike ride. I agree 1400 calories a day is more than enough for 3 meals a day and a treat..onwards and upwards

  • Its great isn't it, I was hungry all the time before the diet, now I am on the verge of being hungry at mealtimes, but that's good, and if I start to feel hungry at about 330-4pm I to one of my c25k session it takes the hunger away for a bit, long enough for me to wait for dinner. Lovely weather today well done Leomat2blue that's fantastic that 3 pounds has melted away! I am still jogging round my living room btw ;)

  • You'll definatly be needing a new carpet by week 12. I was exactly the same always hungry yet always grazing. Good luck for the coming week x

  • Well done! It does really work. I've also lost two stone in weight since Jan from carrying on with this plan alongside C25K and doing weights three times per week. I do find that I am enjoying the running (sometimes I don't) most the time. Keep it up, eat lots of veg, less carbs that works a treat for me. :-)

  • Thank you thinlizzyiwish123

  • Well done huggit. I too lost 1lb this last week and I also can't eat anything that contains wheat, soya, gluten, dairy or red meat for that matter. So inspiring to hear your weight loss. Keep it up dear. :)

  • Thank you for fordie777

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