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NHS England: A Call to Action
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OH Dear it appears to be On Purpose !

To Choose & BOOK & PALS

************* BOOKING Ref New Surgery Stroud

Have received RUDE inappropriate behaviour from your call Handlers not In Line With Nhs Constitution who don’t know how to address problems .Why use Choose & Book Heart Failure from ******** - when not my choice & problems re no ethics & safety issues ??!!!

They just reiterate rigid DANGEROUS rules & have not ability or reasoning or policy to address problems bullying me to do it , allowing DISCRIMINATION & safety to be put at risk as have no cover when partially caused MI cardiac arrest in first place with similar negligence re this & antibiotics & Microvascular .

I am 71 yrs classed as Vulnerable , single solo with disability not acknowledged by SOCIAL SERVICES LA OR NHS [ spina bifida] who use call centres who are illegal as cannot address problems [ discretion] so blame by Cutting off from Access.as has happened 2/3 x now saying GPs will sort when leave to staff ignoring the Medical likewise PALS knowing GPs are NOT doing the former now the latest .

So please sort ASAP this is madness??!!

NB Hospital Appts [ Utis Acute 3 Weekly -Targeted Antibiotics ] not transferred when moved like wise Cardia ones [ So One Appt a Yearneds retaining Royal Free London have to stay there Gloucester Royal Lung Function[ changing to apnea] still misdiagnosis neglecting PAH 2016 & heart failure 2017 lipo-lymphoedema, 2017 comotosing daily on ingestion

There is no Telecare as they need the sufferer or Carer to alert! How can they if comatose when don’t have A&E local closed down .

The Heart failure Service not getting back to me, not liasing with Specialist in charge as none when problems probably Microvascular & they do not have up to date testing microscopes for Testing i.e.: [ utis] - stable /unstable angina so because no specialist in charge did not get diuretics at MI it was 11 yrs later the NO PLANS ?There is no Rapid Access Or Duty Dr in London OR Gloucester

This needs setting up with investigation for Microvascular & Lipoma ASAP .

Need monitoring regularly or urgent access last time troponin found & ignored .

Had to change GPs as they are p/t inexperienced & this is not safe likewise my new Surgery who want nothing to do with hospitals as know rationing & BLAMING ME & not allowing referrals as every time Cuts they tell me & IN PAST ????!!!!

So you need to resolve not tell me to resolve when have no authority so ignore .Who is paying them?

So please change Heart Failure Team to Rapid Access Gloucester /Cheltenham with one appt year STILL in London as here there is no Specialist in charge of Heat Failure [dysponea ignored ]so Tests won’t show problem if Microvascular?So too Dangerous as admin then bullies setting me up as a nuisance if question or want test results not done resulting in no access even privately.