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Hi. We are UK citizens currently resident in New Zealand. We are senior citizens. We are planning to visit the UK for 3 months next year and wondering if the reciprocal agreement between the two countries will give us some cover should the need for any treatment arise during the trip.

Appreciate any advise.

Many thanks

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As UK citizens you should not need any reciprocal arrangements but you should still have comprehensive travel insurance.


Thank you


You should be fine but like any other holiday take out insurance for the very unexpected like needing to be flown home, and that sort of thing. I don't think itis expensive but I would cover yourselves at every angle.


Thank you.


Have a great holiday. x x


Hi Nzexpat

Hope you have a great trip and you should be absolutely fine for NHS treatment if needed. Some planned surgery is now unavailable for people who have been out of the country for a long time, and there are restrictions for a period of up to six months, but emergency treatment including any operations, are cost free.

Holiday insurance is still, of course, absolutely necessary, because for anyone, but especially older people, there is always the possibility of our 'final checkout', happening unexpectedly. Funerals and repatriation of remains etc., is extremely expensive. Thankfully it's very rare, but we should always consider the possibility. And that means that, in any event, you will probably get medical cover via that insurance too.

Hope you have a great time!


Thank you Callendersgal


Even if you are UK citizens you have no rights to NHS treatment if you have been out of the UK for more than 6 months. You would be seen, in an emergency, in A&E but from there on in you are expected to pay. Make sure you check the healt agreements. Make sure you have private health insurance. You will be seen by the overseas patient officer to check your eligibility.


Also check with the UK embassy who can give you up to date advice


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