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Joined yesterday

and received the standard welcome message from The Team as follows:

"1) Start by reading some of the posts and questions that have been submitted.

2) Write a post to describe your own experience of the NHS in England.

3) Ask a question to the community and administrators."

Well Ive just done all three of the above and the silence is deafening. To be clear, my yesterday post was for community and administrators. Nothing in reply so I would ask: What is this community for??!! Thankfully, on copying it onto the BLF community site Ive had a lot of responses. But this is your site, NHS England - why the silence?

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I joined this site as well, thinking it would be a site I would be able to discuss and input to NHS. I was soon disillusioned. WheezyAnne


Crazy - why do they call it a Call for Action?! Thanks for your reply WheezyAnne.


Hi O2Trees,

This site just seems to be full of people complaining about the NHS. I would not have a problem with this if there were suggestions on how to improve services but that is not the case. Vicious or vitriolic statements do not help in any way and I am surprised that the administrators do not remove a lot of the posts.


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The NHS is amazing sioban - it just needs help to keep it that way, not undermining with privatisation and cuts.

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I completely agree.

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Hi my BLF friend,

Absolutely agree. That's the reason I don't usually come on here as it is not what I expected. Came on today for some reason and saw your post. I have wanted to unsubscribe to A Call to Action but am not sure how to do it without losing my posts or username from BLF and another community.

It could be a really good community, especially with people such as yourself on board.



I think the reason for the deafening silence is that, actually, almost everyone gave up on this site long ago. And I think one of the reasons is that it isn't really moderated properly and any hint of advice you might offer to anyone is shot down in flames, often with a torrent of abuse. Quite often when there's been a response by me to a question, I'm almost afraid to look at any further answers or comments, because of the aggression that seems to lurk inside so many of the public who choose to use online forums. Not necessarily trolls here, but those who have a beef with their NHS treatment or an individual medical practitioner within the NHS. Which has rather spoiled it for everyone.

It's great that you've found some like minded people at the BLF community who help with your specific set of questions, but I really do wish that more people were able to share their views and knowledge within this sort of forum without it escalating into a verbal fight over perceived rights and wrongs.

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