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Carry on regardless

Carry on regardless

Hi.alk. My name is Tony ( fluke). im 68yrs old with 3rd stage c.o.p.d. i still work 30 hrs a week as an engineer.Married to Carol we have a husky named fluke. Even tho i have c.o.pd. it dosn't stop me from doing most things. We just got back from a 3 weeks holiday in Mexico.( hot wearher GREAT ).TOtook a mobility scooter just in case. We had a great time. My outlook on life is to just get on with it. copd dosn't rule me i rule it 99% of the time. I just keep taking my meds to keep going as best i can. Go out a couple or three nites a week Monday darts tues pool and weekends socialising. If you have a serious illness try my motto.. KEEP SMILING AND CARRY ON. LIFE IS FOR LIVING not mooching n moping about..

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I absolutely love your PMA- positive mental attitude FlukeFluke!


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