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This is Madness…. Fatal? Why close A&Es and direct Doctors to stop testing without appropriate facilities in place?

I cannot believe how NHS is blaming lifestyle on all those with chronic conditions & as a result withholds fair treatment playing almighty God. It cannot think, ask why and understand it has produced the situation that has probably caused many premature deaths as at least most of population has multi conditions.If you are elderly vulnerable and disabled they can bully you by withholding treatment as feel like one admitted this week, Who on earth says STOP IT NOW .Are we not supposed to have a Government looking after our best interest ?

Blame the patients for costs that they themselves have arranged and caused by their mean attitude with no contingency or responsibility or intelligence and then blame Europe & foreigners for its own mismanagement & inability to organise fairly .

When I asked the Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt why Drs no longer took the hippocratic oath you think he might have considered this he passed in on. .

How much extra would we have to pay in tax to fund a more caring holistic , co-ordinated system structured round the NHS Constitution .Could it be ring fenced ?

Abolish the Complaints system & call centres make those in charge responsible along with the MPs .Not their PAs on remits to send into oblivion.

Chronic conditions become acute if not monitored and treated with care Swimming lessons are not it instead of a specialist , \Give money back to full time hospital specialists who oversee what is happening in their hospitals & LAs as they used to .GPs should never have given the funds which the public entrusted to them to cash strapped LAs - CCGS enabling them to be directed as their employers.

Research should be happening at every level including symptoms & evidence diagnosed within a month with a treatment plan .

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This isn't a new thing, because it's the easiest group of people to 'bash', when a government wants to cut costs. The old are a second group. I'm just delighted to have taken advice and medications for years from doctors 'helping' me to prolong my life, only to find that it and the NHS have a new title for me. BED BLOCKER!

Here's MY proposal. Let's start looking at statistics around HORSE RIDERS. They are endlessly causing themselves the most appalling injuries which require months and years of medical help. Is horse riding too not a lifestyle choice? If we are to be discriminated against for helping to destroy our own bodies then they belong in the same group of people surely, and should be denied treatments too!


i know i have chronic conditions and in a minority lifestyle.registered disabled and housebound. had a lot of services cut and refused. easy target is correct. had heath issues go from minor to severe due to no treatment


Hi Skybluepink, you sound really aggitated about the way the health service is run these days. To some degree I have to agree with you. Far too much emphasis is placed on lifestyle. No notice is taken of hereditory factors or that some pills can make you ill if you have allergies ect. Bed blocking does occur now due to a lack of care in the community services. My mum was no wizz kid but even she said it would not work when it was first introduced. Powers that be waste an aweful lot of money, changing letter headings ,administration and shuffling bosses round in my opinion just to do the same job but in a different guise. Get a diagnosis in a month, it takes a month to get an appointment with a GP, heres an example In June this year I had what seems to be gout, however I was treated with the standard drugs, then given a blood test for uric acid levels. When I returned I was told my blood test was alright and my duirectics for BP changed. On doing several tests myself it was established the uric acid was way too high, which could be due to hereditory, BP tablets, weight or too many purines in the diet. No joint fluid tests were done to establish gout, no kidney tests were done to see if that was the cause of raised uric acid levels, I was told we do not normally do follow up treatment on the basis of one bout of gout. So Here I am three months later , taking the same drugs if I can get them through the electronic system that is failing thousands of patients. With no confirmed reason for high uric acid levels or positive gout diagnosis. I have not returned to the doctors in the past few months as I know hes just fobbing me off, but that does not mean I am well, and continue to be at high stroke risk due to uric acid levels. Of course they are blaming my weight only. Sorry but I feel like you very annoyed, I don't drink, smoke or do hazardous sports I am older, disabled and human.


Could there be rationing & what about no lipo-lymphoedema/heart failure provision heath & social. You bet your'e classed as a drinker for the gout ?and are being punished by negligence & blame.


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