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I was referred to the hospital to have my top wisdom teeth removed. My bottom ones were removed at dental clinic and I only had to wait a month for an appointment so I do not understand why I have been referred to hospital for my top ones.

I had my consultation appointment on the 7th March, it is now 21st August and i am still waiting for a surgery date! It's been 23 nearly 24 weeks, I thought the maximum waiting period was 18weeks? The treatment has already been paid for as the dentist made me pay upfront, so that is even more infuriating.

Can any one offer advice on complaining or what else I can do? I work but i cannot afford to pay private dentistry prices.

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Sometimes the wisdom teeth are impacted so operation! Have you talking to your dentist, or phoned to hospital! Things can get missed sometimes.

Hope you've find out soon


Hmm, they are all impacted, my bottom ones were and the dental clinic removed them no problem, had to cut my jawbone but didnt need hosptial. I rang the hospital and they said end october i should hear something, its now september and still nothing! Getting silly now :(


Perhaps they will send an appointment early October.

My husband had a wisdom tooth out at an hospital because of the next tooth (!!) so that might be it - your dentist should have told you why.


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