NHS England: A Call to Action

Charring Cross Hospital Lift Problem

We were on fifth floor and we were wanting to go up to sixth floor on the elevator. We got stuck and pressed the alarm button. No one replied for 30 minutes and finally a security lady came and said 'I'm going to tell the reception'

Everyone is meant to hear this, and no security came. We saw before we went in the lift, the receptionists were sitting laughing and talking and there was another lift problem before us. There were 3 patients in the lift and one nearly fainted, the other old lady was banging the door with her stick. When we came out we saw another lift stuck, and babies were crying and some managed to get out, and someone was pulling the door and 4 were remaining in that lift.

No one did anything about it until the lady came after 30 minutes.

So that's 3 lifts broken in a day and nothing done about it.

This is a complaint.


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