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Whose Safety ?!

It appears I am being ganged up on for telling the truth regarding the behaviour of a traffic warden threatening parking tickets [ in fact gave one the next time] after not assisting when mobility scooter broke down on an incline near one disabled space available that I didn't realise was in a staff car park .The London hospitals do not have this but equally a problem.The Lung unit going to joined in when asked to help

Because no objective fair Managers and Leaders even the Chairman [ a PA on a remit] my one and only appt not only was severly delayed but they pretended Specialist wasn't there.When I was firm re diagnosis as had and was travelling over 15 miles each way. he discharged .When I brought machine back as not effective on symptons ,they told me stopped breathing 11 times a night . When I formally complained untruths were made up that were not redrafted to my satisfaction .Asupervisor sending into oblivion.So they set me up together with Health watch where director of Safety sending nasty libellous legal letter that CAB tried to assist withn over a year ago then colluded because of their funding .I was so dismayed couldn't send as there were alsoi technical problems and I dyspraxic.I have now been put back by Respiratory Nurse and Dr at surgery over the impossibility of attaching the mask so fits.They send letters to call them then blame you sending round in circles with GPs and Minor Injuries Unit joining in knowing appt given on same day for monitoring implant [ cardio thoracic] as procedure in London that Ihad to drive to.They know live on my own and should be getting assistance .Am I going to rot in my bed as cannot be roused [ sepsis?] because have fallen or can' pick myself up . Is this the NHS 2016 run by those not qualified to diagnose on remits from accountants. I now have another nasty letter yet never met him & totatally unreasonable .Why was I put back wit these bullies again.And why did I have to pay my handyman [ ex military] to do it ?

PS If you ask for overall Manager in most UK hospital they send for Security who they obviously think in charge so can blame . I have even been attacked in a cardio unit elsewhere in UK not long after heart attack.Did PALS want to know ?Even when NHS Constitution pointed out. Why ? They to are on Remits to tow the line so make matters worse if medical and not a lost umbrella.

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