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Can't get Diagnosed? A must see for all!

Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid, Autoimmune, PA! Liver, Pain Concern, Brain Injuries , the list goes on bug with Thanks to the Thyroid UK Community, plus personal moral support for me from many on Headway etc etc - I urge you all to watch the following link, it will take just under an hour of your time, but could help you towards recovery and healthier longer life............

...........I'm not promoting sales of anything, just want to get you all to consider whether or not the fabric of your home could be responsible for many of your symptoms! Over the last several months I've read so many posts and replies where the symtoms are all the same - irrespective of the one specific condition, whose community you are a member of. The documentary is about the effects of Mold, both apparent and hidden.,

The presenter in the film (it's made in America) also points out that too many General Practitioners dismiss our concerns, wherever we live. He also says that there are many relevant published articles on, Pubmed. I hope you can see whether there are any connections with your own health situations. I've been researching mine for the last 7 seven months. I've been up a couple of blind alleys, but genetics and immune disorders do come into play also. I've emailed my own doctor the link and hope he will take the time to look at it before I see him next.

its a Documentary made by Bulletproof - just google The Mold Movie.

Th Doctor on the BBC Lunchtime News today, got it right when she said it's not all about mental health but also about physical wellbeing! Hear Hear........

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