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Change an old fashioned method

I would like to call to action the removal of the need for patients who have just had operations having to take discharge letters to their GP. We are computerised surely it would be quicker to download the info. The new system at discharge leaves a patient very vulnerable as we no longer offer house calls if your taken ill suddenly, and community nurses do not come to check dressing ect unless you are extremely frail.

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Sounds good to me.


Unfortunately the Tories mucked up the computerisation of the whole health service,by getting their mates to do it I suspect.The biggest employer in the world and it does,nt have proper communication ,it,s laughable if it was,nt so serious..D.


Hi FarmerD, another day begins, talking about hospital communication, my records still show me as being registered with a retired doctor and having a husband who died over nine years ago in that hospital. IF you were a doctor or nurse would you trust the medical info when the basic facts are ten years out of date Oh and on a lighter note maybe my husband could get out of his grave to take me home from hospital (smiles) as there are no ambulance cars or wheelchairs these days.


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