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Keogh Review live in Social Network

Keogh Review live in Social Network

Today we welcome Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, as a blogger in HealthUnlocked. Along with Keith Willett he outlines the nature of his latest plans for Urgent and Emergency Care review in England, plans that affect every one of us who live in England.

It’s the first time senior figures in the NHS have opened up a review on a patient social network like HU so we welcome it greatly and hope it sets a precedent for future important communications in the NHS. Over a million people visit HealthUnlocked every month now, following discussions about conditions, treatment, services and the very fabric of healthcare. By engaging with our users directly on something as important as future emergency care Sir Bruce is delivering on a promise to involve patients in shaping the future of the NHS. For this reason any input and comment on the blog is, as always, welcome.

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Since I can 't submit my form to the Charities Commission I have severe concerns about how those of certain age and disabilities are treated by NHS run by the Insurance Companies i.e.: call centres on remits . They are seen to be a burden this is not acceptable.

Even Charities Commission block form submission or enable the public to raise issues

such as these :

The CAB , Village Agent [p/t temporary ,S OCIAL services , Dr & MP have not been assessing intervening correctly, socially or medically ,in order to ration and deliberately discriminate .

I had 8 DLA APPEAL Tribunals re DLA before the CARDIAC ARREST I now know they ignored classic heart failure symptoms [ still are] yet another LA could physically target me out of my employment because hadn’t been funded appropriately fairly by the Government.t I was targeted physically out of employment when not given antibiotics I need due to Policy,still happening yet with assistance I could direct achieve a BA then MA in 2003 after the targeting .

I also had to expert witnesses legal[ German] & social [ Sikh ] which I paid for as I could not raise the issues via so called organised system .

The Legal one prepared an Independent Review eventually which was deliberately ignored by losing the papers at the Court near Aldwych .The Social one said as Social Worker Ihis LA would have given assistance in his area & was horrified by how I was assessed by the unqualified There was no Dr in overall charge either. I then did a BA & MA visual arts investigating this .I had to extend yet was given assistance I could direct after funding myself?

The Call centres have set me up as abusive so don't have to address just punish.otherwise why have the problems and issues not been t sorted out.I used to sort problems in 10 min to a few hrs flat with Trading Standard before Thatchers middle management cuts ! Why are the same cuts being made still cutting the same over and over with councils run by a few at the top [ Cabinets] ?

Local Authorities everywhere too are not assisting those it should be [ discretionary areas ] as administered by call centre on remits too following the corporate model. This means allowing Insurance Companies to direct their remits which directly disadvantages those of certain age & disabled .Especially if solo without family or partners.Installation of Telecare equipment not checked and money taken before it is working correctly . Call centres & Accounts depts franchised out to by charities are not resolving matters fairly as they were supposed to resolve.so advising And the company that answers the calls is now franchised out to ignoring coordination from the charities operating as they choose & operating so poorly would have caused the ambulance deficit & Bed blocker issue due to Governments attitude as well to the chronic conditions as well as elitist discriminatory statistical structure .


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