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Call to Action - Prevention

The Call to Action team ran an event at the NHS Values Summit, in Manchester, yesterday. During the event, people were asked how the NHS should prioritise using its resources. The top 3 responses were:

1. Prevention (more interventions/programmes to prevent people from becoming unwell)

2. Primary Care (investing more money in services in GP, dentistry, pharmacy and ophthalmology settings)

3. Community Care (more out of hospital care provided closer to where people live)

Do you agree?

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Out of hospital care , is this with professionals i.e. ( the nurses ) .or with the private sector which is well below standard with what I have seen


Yes, I agree. I strongly believe we can help educate people and teach self management for a number of conditions which would enable people to live fuller lives with less restrictions, thus preventing deterioration. This approach should also allow more care to be delivered in the comfort of your own home, before crisis point, further reducing the impact of ill health. However, I think we need to invest in mental health/psychological interventions for behaviour change to stick and be sustainable.


Yes I agree. I think the NHS should look seriously at making dentistry, prescriptions and sight tests free. This would increase preventative care and therefore save money in the longer term as more people would self manage better.


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