NHS England: A Call to Action
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John Lewis training the NHS

John Lewis training the NHS

Circle Hospitals reference John Lewis as a model for some of their employee philosophy (and customer service) back in 2010. guardian.co.uk/society/joep...

But it looks like the NHS are trying to get in on the John Lewis act bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-d... by getting them to train their staff on how to deal with customers. Hamfisted consumer models of delivery by NHS managers have historically been epic fails - rubbing up professionals the wrong way and creating a culture of cynicism. But if anyone can charm the ingrained institutionally-centred self-protective mindset into being a bit more customer-centred you have to believe it could be those nice folk at John Lewis? Suits you sir...

And maybe while they are there they could prevent the NHS from 'knowingly underselling' itself by prescribing effective generic drugs rather than overpriced branded equivalents.

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Doesn't really matter where it comes from. When you see a documentary like the one on BBC3 this evening "Failed by the NHS" about the failure by NHS of young people with mental health problems bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b... you realise that something has to change about how it engages people in need. Not a coincidence that social media plays such a strong role in the story of these three lives.


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