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Fillings during pregnancy

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Hi everyone

Cant believe it at all, half of my tooth has come away from my filling while I was eating suprise suprise. (and I didn't even realise and swallowed it!!) But I have a slight pain there and im worried that this will get worse! But on the other hand im worried about getting anything done at the dentist!! Does any one know anything about the do's and don'ts re the dentist?



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Speak to your dentist as they will tell you what they can do for you. I had some work done when I was 28 weeks pregnant but my sister could not have work done because of problems in her pregnancy. But don't leave it as it could get more painful and that the last thing you need when pregnant because you can't really take strong pain relief for it

Thanks for your reply, what work did you have done?? I do have an appointment for tomorrow, but didn't really plan to be in this situation and I find myself worrying about going when I know theres nothing I can do about it as the last thing I need need is to get an infection at nearly 19 weeks pregnant or be in lots of pain. K x

i dont think you can have fillings. i think they do temporary ones. and when the babys born you go back to have the real ones done. (dont quote me on this though). i have been trying to avoid the dentist since becoming pregnant. x

Thanks for your reply, but I have been avoiding the dentist too until now :( I just want to have the safest thing done so I don't harm my babies x

they cant use anything like injections or the metal fillings so everything will be temporary. i have to go as i have caps in the front and my gums are bleeding and receding as they say. but been to poorly to go up until now and im still trying to avoid it. i will go though. dont want to be toothless when baby arrives xx

Temporary will do me fine! I know the dentists know what they are doing, but I find it hard to trust someone I don't know. x

Hi, I'm 28 weeks pregnant and the exact same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago. I had it replaced and also had root canal The week after! The injections were fine. Obviously you can't have an X-ray but the anaesthesia they use is perfectly safe. You will be fine

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DrFluffy in reply to Emma32

You can have an X-Ray - dental X-Rays are ultra low dose and nowhere near your bump! You have to worry about someone who doesn't have the technical skills (minimal) to take a photo of a tooth without irradiating an abdomen!!!

hiya im a dental nurse.. and 31 weeks :) you can have extractions and white fillings. Amalgam fillings have to wait until baby is born. You can also have certain xrays now (well in northern ireland anyway and depending what tooth it is) if needed although its completely up to you and your dentist. Regardless something can be done to get you out of pain, inform your dentist you are pregnant and discuss your options with him/her :)

Good luck you will be fine, its never as bad as you think its going to be (if i had a pound for everytime i say that i would be rich:) xxx

Hello there, I'm nearly 29 weeks. So far I've had 3 fillings, 2 permanent and 1 temporary. I chose to not have X-rays nor any pain relief as I'm trying to be as good to baby as possible. The pain was totally bearable! Would deffo recommend giving it a go as its nice to walk out without half your face all numb. They can always stop and inject you if you can't take the pain. I think it's all down to how far along you are and of course your own personal choice regarding having X-rays & pain relief. A good dentist will be able to advise you and tell you what risks are but it's your decision. Best of luck

Oh my goodness, I've just read up on Amalgam fillings, I really had no idea they were dangerous. The dentist didn't mention this at all and one of the fillings she put in is huge - like practically the whole tooth! I would've paid to have a white one put in if I had known there would've been any risk to my baby. Really don't know what to do now.

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Kazzacollie in reply to 1sttime

Oh sorry to hear that, I spoke to my midwife and they seemed quite happy to go along with whatever the dentist says. Didn't tell me not to get an amalgam filling, but I'm choosing to get either a white or a temporary filling until babies are born! Surely your dentist will know what is safe and what is not?? Im just worried about everything so I'm more overly cautious. I wish I could go without pain relief but I'm not sure whether I can handle it or not but still worried will have to see what the dentist Says xxx

Thanks for all the comments ladies!!! I just needed a bit of white filling where the tooth had came off from :)

No injections or drilling needed = one happy mammy xxx

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