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constant headaches for last 2 weeks, 15weeks with identical twins - Any advice??


I have been seen my doctor twice in the last 2 weeks with these symptoms and have been signed off work for the last 2 weeks also. Returned to see the doctor this morning, still feeling awful with these constant headaches, dizziness and feeling constantly tired. Have been signed off work for another week, until I see my consultant @ 16weeks. Getting very fed up with feeling like this now, with no real explanations, has anyone else suffered like this whilst expecting twins? Any advice gratefully received. x

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I am 18+2 with just the one but have quite bad headaches yesterday was sat watching tv with a bag of frozen veg on my head coz I don't wana keep popping pills, I think my eyes might have something to do with it (as am due an eye test) but its not advised to have an eye test during pregnancy so will just have to get on with it, I also know if I don't get enough sleep then that doesn't help but I hope urs get better and hope they find a solution for u soon! xx

Hiya I'm nearly 18 weeks pregnant with twins and I have had similar problems apart from the headaches, I have found that drinking plenty of fluids and making sure I have enough sugar has helped massively with the dizziness and tiredness!! But if you're not feeling great it means that your babies are sucking the goodness out of you which is very good haha. Hope you feel better soon but I have found so far the tiredness has never left me and of course the constant hunger xxxx

Get your eyes tested. Normally eye-sight goes bad in pregnancy - which for some go back to normal post-pregnancy.

But I think its very much due to the eye-sight (i had same, my number shot up from previous prescription, and its fluctuating every few weeks, so I have to switch to using lenses, even if I hate them)


the optician said its not adviseable to get ur eyes tested during pregnancy purely coz of that ur eyes fluctuate so I wud b forking out money for lenses which in 5 months will b potentially useless, they say wait till 3 months after u have baby which for me will be December which is an expensive month at the best of times, and I don't have that money right now so am glad the optician said that as he actually saved me money, and I have a specific eye condition so my eyes change a lot anyway regardless of pregnancy.

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Oh! that is sad. They put me on a direct debit monthly arrangement. My eyes are severely dry so I opted for a daily disposable lens (till hate them, they keep me anxious). But in case my prescription change, than they also change my lens supply and if I have a stock-over of un-used ones they replace it with new prescription. And the eye-checkups are also free with it.

Post-pregnancy I would switch back to glasses, and if than I would have any stock of left-over unused lens they would adjust the cost with the cost of the glass.

To an extent i find this particular bill of 20 grands a month, worth it, really hate those headaches and cant afford to have one along with my research work. :)

I think spec-saver is also having a better deal than what I got in Feb. I used vision express.

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I think I remember you saying this before. My opticians said no such thing... very annoying. I've had to change my lenses twice during pregnancy when I could ill afford it. My eyes have been hurting again but I'm not going back until post baby. Just can't afford it at all! Such a pain in the rear end for sure! Awful to have eye pain and headaches. And if the eye sight changes early in pregnancy like mine did it's a very long wait to have eye strain/pain and headaches for months on end. I appreciate your advice Ceribean. 3 months after baby is born I'll have another check up I think! :)


Is your blood pressure a bit high ( i can only imagine what your body is going through carrying twins) Im only carrying 1 child but during the last trimester of pregnancy ( with 1st) i found my blood pressure would rise.

You've been given the opportunity to be monitored " thats a plus" I guess.

Just take it easy as much as u can



I've been suffering with headaches and I never do! I find that I'm thirstier than usual so trying drink more.... That's the only thing I can think of x


I am only going on what the particular optician said to me,i am no expert, but I kind of think it makes sense and he could of quite easily taken my money and said i need new lenses which i probably do but he said wait, my headaches are about once a week and a think tiredness and dehydration have something to do with it as i am guilty of not drinking enough. x

I had migraines about 3-4 Times per week from about 10-16 weeks. Nothing really helped for mine except sleep, although some days I'd wake with them. I did try the cooling strips which helped but didn't cure and gave up taking tablets as they had no impact. Just have to hope they stop on their own soon!! x

Hi, i'm carrying one & am 18 weeks. I've had some pretty horrid headaches that have floored me but they come with an insatiable thirst so I am going for early sugar tolerance test Monday to put my mind at rest re GD as I am high risk due to age & family history. Early pregnancy is exhausting and building 2 lives I am sure must zap your energy levels even more! I can normally go able my normal business until I have my eve meal, get on sofa and pretty much want to conk out there and then (it's like that Christmas after lunch feeling)

Are there any dietary changes you could make to make you feel better or give you more energy. I am a fan of Low GI foods to stop the sugar highs n lows.

I hope you start to feel better soon, maybe as you get more into the 2nd Tri you will feel more like yourself :) xx

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