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How have your pets responded to your pregnancy?


As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (38 +3 weeks) my doggies won't leave me alone. I sit upstairs as my office chair has excellent back support unlike my sofa but where ever I go in the house my woof woofs follow me and hang out, curling up on the floor and looking at me a bit weirdly (one is a boxer, the other a little loveable staffie). I appreciate their care but wonder if they have some kind of instinct to be around me to protect me a little? Whatever it is, it's very cute! Love my animals... as for the cats... they couldn't care a stuff about me! :) x

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I do believe animals "espicially dogs" have a sort of sixth sense & are aware something is going to be different soon. They maybe just be looking for that last minute attention because obviously once the baby arrives its going to be limited for a while.

The only thing i would urge you to do is try & keep the dogs as furthest away as you can from the babys belongings such as Moses baskets, or soft/plush toys and things because if their looking for your attention now i would begin to be a Lil worried when the baby may be sleeping and 1 or both of the dogs want to have a Lil' play in close range of where the baby is.

Anyway Good luck with the Delivery & everything

P.S keep us updated on birth pics.


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I think they do know something is going on or about to happen and the feeling I get from them is that they want to protect and care for me. Normally they couldn't give a fig about what I'm doing or what attention I'm giving or not giving! It's my fiance who plays more with them. I'm the meanie that disciplines them and trains them!

They're not allowed in Squiggly's room and no longer sleeping in their baskets that were in the bedroom. They have adjusted to their new sleeping area with no issue at all.

I spoke to my vets ages ago about what to do to introduce a baby to the household and they advised to not make a huge deal about it with them (ie by keeping the baby far away and remote from them). It's very unlikely that they would want to play with or near baby, maybe give her a good sniff which I won't disallow. I don't let them play anywhere near me because I'm over protective of my tummy and I know my centre of balance is off at the moment. I take your point with her toys. :)

Squiggly will never ever be left unattended with either the cats or the dogs. If for any reason the animals behave in any way that causes alarm then they will be re-homed but I seriously doubt that it would ever come to that. I've had them both since pups and they're not young doggies any more. We all need to adjust to the extra person in the house, the new noises and smells and sounds. I do take your concerns on board and thank you for that! :)

I'm sure I'll blog about the squeezy squeezy time... :)

Thanks for the good luck wishes! :) xxx


I think so, my friend who just had her baby said her dog kept sleeping outside the baby's newroom before it was even born and it had never done that before! My dog didn't leave me spine kkept laying on me all the time and he is a springer so not small! ! Lol

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I adore springers... so cute! Animals are so loving and caring! Heh heh with predictive text. :) x


Alone not spine! Predictive text! !!

My chickens are horrified that they can't stretch out on my lap anymore and now prefer my husbands roomier lap! They also like to standing the bump to try and get a cuddle with more space!!

A.. lucky you to have chooks! They are very quirky to have around and that's for sure... full of personality! :)

I am a lucky clucky (hence my name on here!) they are the love of my life other than hubby and bub to be of course!!! I always joke she'll either love the hens or be jealous that mum loves them too much!!!! I'm the Kent coordinator for the British hen welfare trust so get to spend a lot of my spare time in their lovely company!! :-)


my cat obviously doesn't know anything, but when I am sleeping he insists on sleeping on my belly, I am 18w so he will get a shock when the baby starts kicking him but as a cat I don't think he knows anything, not as clever as other animals.

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Cats play dumb, funny animals that they are! I think sometimes they are plotting and scheming! ;) Mine ignore me most of the time but my elderly cat does understand a few words I say to him! Your kitty will indeed get a surprise when your tummy moves whilst he sleeps on you! I bet his little kitty face will be quite the picture! :)

I have a staffie too and a cat, they both follow me everywhere, never leave me alone, my cat was not a lap cat all before, but strangely he started sitting on my belly before I knew I was pregnant!

My dog just snuggles up to me all the time and loves to lick my feet, I must taste good lol

Staffie's are cool! They are prone to demanding fuss though! My staffie gets on my wick with her scrabbling all the time for fuss, she's got no understanding of not to try and jump up on me! Love her to bits though! :) Mine is a bit licky too, I don't like it myself! Yuck!

I have three dogs and two elderly cats. Two black labs and a ginger terrier. I am worried about how they are going to cope with sproglet, in general they are very good with children but not sure how they will cope with sharing my hubby and I. None of them are interested in bump at all, but what I do find odd is that they don't attempt to come into the nursery just sit outside the door. We have had all our animals a long time and parting with them would break my heart, so I am really hoping they will take sprogs arrival in their stride.

I think if you are worried my lovely then a chat with your vet about what you can do to introduce baby to your animals is worth doing. He/she will be able to give you some advice to reassure you and provide you with information to relieve your concern. It is understandable because pets are so much part of the family but are ultimately animals and can be as unpredictable as people. My cats couldn't care less about my pregnancy, one elderly cat and one middle aged cat. I know what you mean about the prospect of any issue resulting in rehoming, it is something I seek to avoid completely as I feel the same as you do, I'd be heartbroken. I've a feeling everything will be ok for the both of us and our beloved animals!

I have a soft toy penguin called Jasper. He's very pissed off... :-)

Lol! :) x

Dogs are so intelligent, you can get dogs which can predict someone is going to take an epileptic seizure an hour before and they are working dogs, like guide dogs for people with epilepsy. Some dogs can even be trained to detect cancer! Amazing. I think they know and want to protect you :-) I wish I could have a dog, my cats haven't given any indication that they care! X

I have got two labs and one of them does not leave me alone. When I went into labour she was very protective around me and when we got sent back from the hosp as was only 2cm she even thought it appropriate to try and leap into my arms when the door was opened even though I did not appreciate it at the time. I was in hospital for a week after the baby was born and she decided to start chewing our table and chairs in the kitchen which she never did before I was away. They are funny creatures but defo ones that I could not be without and they are brillaint with my children.

They definitely know whats going on. Our dog was sniffing my tummy a week before I took a pregnancy test! Baby is 11 weeks now, and our dog loves him, a little too much sometimes. He likes to lick him whenever he gets the chance. X

My cat has become a lot more attention hungry since I became pregnant. Before she was more interested in my partner but now she won't leave me alone, if she doesn't know where I am in the house or can't get to me she will miaow until I answer her. She even sits outside the bathroom when I go in there. Also she keeps cuddling up on my knee or over my shoulders on the back of the sofa but she will not let herself put any weight of my bump and purrs when the baby starts moving if she's sat with. On another note at a friends house his dog sat and stared at my bump all night and wouldn't come near me last time we were there x

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