For my first pregnancy I bought a "Summer" doppler but didn't get on with it at all, never found our baby's heartbeat even when heavily pregnant (or couldn't say for sure anyway). It didn't worry me I just got annoyed that it didn't seem to work! I had high blood pressure so got seen by the midwife quite a bit anyway so didn't feel like I was missing out!

I'm now just over 10 weeks with my second and don't have my first scan booked for another 2 and a half weeks!! I would love to hear the heartbeat but don't want to waste money on another one - we sold the last one on eBay even before she was born! :-)

I searched Doppler on here and it seems quite a few people use them and can find the heartbeat quite easily - was I doing something wrong before or was it a bad make? I know some people are against them in case you get worried when you can't find the heartbeat but I didn't worry last time, I would just like to know if I got one again that it would "work" - perhaps some brands are better than others?

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  • mines a jumper jpd -100b off ebay for about £30 comes up if you put angel sounds in search and is blue and cream ,the sensitivity is 2.5mhz . i could hear hb from 10 weeks but didnt register on the screen properly till the last few weeks , i watched youtube clips on how to find it and know what u got is right .

  • I got angelsound from ebay.only paid £10 and never regreted it.Since week 12 i could hear baby's i'm 20weeks and i find it straight away.its so easy to use and reassuring.xx

  • Angel sounds is brilliant, got my from amazon £30 new. Used it from 12 weeks :)

  • I am 10 weeks also and I could not wait for the scan so I reaserched Dopplers but most of them dont work until you are 12 weeks so I thought what is the point as I will have seen the baby by then hopefully on the NHS scan. I just booked myself in for a private scan for peace of mind as I had a previous miscarriage. Totally worth the money and my mind is at ease. Still cant wait to see the baby again.

  • We just booked a private scan for tomorrow morning...decided we couldn't wait a few more weeks, am VERY excited!!!!!! :-)

  • Yeeeey, you wont be dissapointed money well spent in my eyes. Let us know how you get on :-)

  • It was fantastic! Saw arms, legs, heartbeat and lots of wriggling! Dated at 10 weeks 4 days which is 2 more days than we thought but she said the official date will be at the Nhs scan. Very exciting and lovely to know everything's ok! Have u had your private scan yet? Xx

  • Yeah, had it a week last Wednesday and they put be 6 days ahead of what we thought as I never had a LMP to go by (as had a mc in Dec and never had a period for 14 weeks) I had my first midwife app last weds so should be getting my dating scan daye through soon, cant wait. They also said to me that they will tell me my "official date" on the NHS scan so I am still unsure of when it may be.

  • I have an angel sounds one, it was £20 from Amazon and I find it really good and reassuring! I have only tried to find the heartbeat during the latter stages of pregnancy though. It's important you still keep an eye on the baby's movements and don't rely on the Doppler completely for reassurance though, I think that's why you're not advised to use them at home. And also in case you can't tell the difference between the sound of the placenta (a whooshing sound) and the heartbeat (more of a clippedy clip) but it's fairly easy :-)

  • I have an AngelSounds one which was really easy last time but this time not so easy - I think it may be due to having a posterior placenta last time but anterior this time, even the midwife struggles to find the heartbeat this time! I think the earliest you may hear a heartbeat on a Doppler is said to be 12 weeks but can be as much as 16. We only used it to hear and record when we knew everything was OK, if I had any worries I went to the midwife as had heard of a few people who hadn't felt baby moved for a day but heard the heartbeat on their Doppler so thought everything was OK, but baby died because something had been wrong but not being medically trained they didn't pick up the difference in heartbeat :(

  • I have a sonoline b Doppler that is 3 mghz which I got off ebay for £60 I found my baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks and very clear, the cheaper ones are ok for later on in your pregnancy but you need a good one for earlier x

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