need a padlock on my mouth!

just went to Tesco to get some bread, well ended up buying a 2 -pack meringue creams with toffee drizzled over the top, well it was so delicious and chewy and yummy I ate both and knowing they are at my local shops is sooo not good !!! come to the evening when I start feeling better, I so enjoy eating during the day it's just eating to make me feel better....but at night I really enjoy it :-)

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Lol, as this is my last night of eating naughty food, I have scoffed two chocolate bars and moving onto crisps ooops!

That is so funny.... sod the bread eat the cakes:-)

Lol my first thought was when I seen the heading was you need a padlock on your mouth because you keep saying things to people. Me personally when I'm pregnant I have this overwhelming protection for my bump and have had many arguments over driving , shopping parking etc with people lol ... So enjoy the cakes ... :-)

I'm just want to eat everything! How do I stop this? ;)

Those merengues sound delish!!!

Ha! Those posts made me laugh :) I too am really enjoying chocolate, biscuits and cake at present! In the evenings I always weigh up carefully which particular naughty thing I am going to eat tonight ... I think it's ok - we deserve it :)

Lol. im the same. im only 10 weeks and have already put on a stone!! I can't stop eating and love the fact that for the first time in years i can enjoy any kind of food that takes my fancy! I have to slow down though or its going to get out of control! :-) x

went in to get some more meringues today they have stopped doing them in my local store!! my friend works in there and asked her why! she said they had come in by accident, but she will request a reorder!!!! one happy mummy!!! lol :-)

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