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Water Infections in Pregnancy

Hi all. I've had it pretty easy up until my 12 weeks, no sickness, no real pain other than general pelvic stretching pains but now...wham! I have the overwhelming desire to pee every 20 minutes, occasional shooting pains from pelvis outwards and general pelvic discomfort. Now all in all this sounds like a water infection to me (specially as lots of water and cranberry seems to ease the symptoms) but when I went to my Doctor he couldn't find any trace of it?? Tested my urine and....nothing!? Now they dont seem to be too concerned...and it does seem to be getting better a tiny bit each day but, what is it? Is it just a mild case which is why it cant be picked up? (Doesnt feel mild!!) or is it something else? My midwife simply told me to phone my GP (doesnt give two hoots tbf) and my GP just said "it all seems fine", which would be great if I wasnt in pain, up all night and with no answers??

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Water infections are common are you getting pain when you wee? Im 26 weeks and have had 4.


I'm only 7 weeks pregnant but spent nearly 2 weeks of it in agony with a water infection. My gp was great, spoke to him over the phone, explained the symptoms and he prescribed some amoxicillin tablets (completely safe in pregnancy) but got me to drop a urine sample off so they could see if it was anything more serious that the tablets wouldn't clear up. 1 day into the 7 day course and I felt like a different person! I would keep hassling your doctor or ask to see a different one! Hope you feel better soon!!


I'm 25 weeks had my first uti at 20 weeks, was weeing way too much and had sharp vaginal shooting pains all weekend, I was put on cephalexin, the second time was 24 weeks I had really bad back ache but around my waist again put on cephalexin. First time ddnt show up in my urine! Second time it did!

If they leave a uti untreated lie me you begin to get small contractions which can lead to premature birth,

If u feel something is wrong demand the antibiotics no harm in being safe than sorry:)


Did your GP do a urine 'stick test' on the spot or actually sent the urine to the lab to check for bacteria? My second UTI didn't show on stick test although both midwife and GP did it and said nothing was wrong. I insisted on the lab test which showed bacteria, got treated with cefalexin and was feeling better within days. Good luck, hope you feel better soon! x


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