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Its a Girl !

and I am the happiest person right now. Called up all my friends and family, and all of us were literally screaming and shouting and also getting emotional ! what a moment :D

Daddy is ofcourse so glad. My in-laws are yet to know, but I can imagine the reaction - especially as this would be the first girl in the entire Blok family, after 30 years !!

We are excited, so much excited !! She is fit and fine, and quite naughty. Me and Daddy were imagining how she would look like, we agreed on blue eyes and black hair.

Bought her first box of memories and few lucky charms, daddy choose it all, also found something with her name on it. He was so happy. Also the first set of pink cloths

We are on top of the world, and my own little sister she was so happy that she started crying on phone ! I wish everyone was around ! would have been so wonderful :)

Keep us in your prayers ladies, week 21 and 3 days and counting the rest :)

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Awwww.... it's lovely to find out the gender! :) I couldn't stop smiling either! I'm not religious but I'll certainly be thinking very happy things for you and your family (currently smiling like crazy at your excitement!). So lovely buying things. I've just ordered some wool to crochet some booties, blankets and a little baby sleeping bag I saw in my favourite crochet mag! Baby swoon! :) xxx


Thanks hon, its such an amazing happy feeling - I surely feel more connected and I have already started thinking about the first presents she gets from mommy - funny its just been few hours since I got a confirmation - i have already semi-planned her wedding in my head :P and also the prom-dress :P

Gosh I have to learn to stitch and sew as well :D


that's soo lovely, I really want to find out the sex in 5 weeks but my boyfriend doesn't but I know I am too impatient to wait and it will give me something else to be excited about. :)


thanks hon :)

I was as impatient as you are now I would hope that the baby allows you to have a look at the gender. Last week for my scan the baby ducked her head in my pelvis and was lying cross legged and even kicked the sono-grapher :P . But this week she behave very well :D


Hi ritz21, I'm so pleased or you, I knew how much u wanted a girl :)

All pink and lovely from now on.

Go on that well deserved shopping spree



My congratulation, god bless you all .


Congratulations! We found the sex too, purely because I am very impatient when it comes to my own destiny. She was named by 22 weeks and a friend even had a Birthday card made up for me using the scan pictures........I was in tears!!

Equally, it is nice to have the surprise at birth - if you can bear the weight.

Due in 9 days and having some intermittant period type pains..........I hope she hangs on until when the carpets have been fitted on Thursday!!

Good luck to you all and continue to day dream and swoon about how you think your little one will look. ;-D xxx


Thanks ladies, this has been one of the finest mornings since a long time :D


Oh Ritz you have a pink one, CONGRATULATIONS :)

I told my mum I was pregnant yesterday as we had a spa day planned together, she bawled, I bawled, the hotel staff looked as us funny, we laughed & cried some more! She's convinced i'm having a girl already, although in fact I don't wish to know, a happy healthy bubba will be just fine thank you.

I'm sooooo excited by your excitement, it's amazing how these emotions rub off.

Again, huge congrats hun & I sincerely hope that the rest of your pregnancy runs perfectly smoothly & wonderfully xxx


Thanks hon, isnt it amazing having a baby, sometimes it feels so surreal !


Congrats. I am so happy 4 u :)


Congratulations Ritz! It's wonderful to hear that you and your baby are both happy and doing well. Looking forward to hearing more as she grows.

Alice x


Congratz Hun. I know how you feel. I'm really happy for you. My hubby and me wanted a girl when I was 2nd time pregnant, as we already had a 2 years old boy. I was really happy to find it was a baby girl. I just had to ask as I was impatient. My hubby wanted a surprise. I think this time I will keep a surprise :)


Congrats!! A girl! :D


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