Strange question lol

Hi all I am 30 weeks pregnant :D and I have noticed for the past 3 weeks I have got loads of hair growing on my bump I have never had this when I was pregnant with my daughter is this something to do with me having a little boy or what ? my sister-in-law had the same thing when she was pregnant with my niece and she can't remember what the midwife called them I don't see my midwife again until the 15th march so I was wondering if anyone on here could shed some light on this :)

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  • Snap! I'm 24 weeks expecting a little boy,and I have now got a one layer of blonde hair on my belly! My mum said its hormones, and others,plus the rest of my hair on my body I'd growing so fast I shave every other day lol

  • My friend who is 32 weeks pregnant with a boy has told me to look out for this as she has been lead to believe that is a sign for a boy. She also has this, this is her second pregnancy (the first being twin boys) and she said she had it in both pregnancies

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  • I have a fluffy belly too and i'm having a girl. I'm just relieved I'm not the only one going fuzzy on the belly bump! I quite like it but no way I'm taking any close up pics of my hairy tum... looking forward to those hairs going when baby is out and my now outy belly button going back in again! :) x

  • Thanks everyone its so true what the saying is no pregnancy is the same i have had plain sailing with this one and the hairy bump lol with my daughter i was back and forth to the hospital and didn't have hair at all on my bump :)x

  • Skyblue I'm surprised you can reach to shave lol I certainly can't lol. And usually cut myself when I do. The irony being that swimming is just soo good when pregnant. I've definitely got a lot of peach fuzz on my belly.

  • same here :) also expecting a boy and have grown lots of hair on my belly.. i know your hair becomes thicker but i didnt expect this lol.. also i think because im now looking down on my bump the hair is so much more noticable :/ lol

  • It's called linea nigra and happens in most pregnancies it's to do with a hormone made by the placenta it doesn't mean your having a boy or girl just another wonderful side effect of pregnancy, whatever you do don't shave it it will go once you have had your baby :)

  • I have this also and was told not to shave it by midwife

  • I had a hairy belly with both my pregnancy. I have a boy and girl so its got nothing to do with the sex of the baby. It hormones and after you have the baby the hairy belly will disappear. Don't shave.

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