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SPD advice on pain relief!!

Have just been diagnosed with bad SPD I already have arthritis in both my knees and hips which makes me suffer great pain now I'm in greater pain doctor has giving me co dydramol tablets which are giving me no relief what's so ever just wondering any other SPD suffers had or do anything to relief themselves of pain this is my second pregnancy and I'm 30weeks pregnant

Any advice is much appreciated x

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Sorry you're having such a hard time. If the meds your GP have prescribed, go back to him / her - they can try something else (co-codamol possibly). It should also be possible to refer you to a physiotherapist for some help. Be warned though - there's only so much they can do, and you may have to put up with it :-( Hope you get some relief though.


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and had really painful SPD early on in pregnancy. I was devestated as it was incredibly painful and difficult to work and get around (let alone look after an active toddler as well!) My doctor referred me for physio and it was a godsend. I was given exercises to do 3 times a day and I can honestly say the pain has gone completely. It took a few weeks but it worked. Try and get a physio referral as quickly as you can, I'm certain it will help you. Good luck.


Hi, I too have arthritis and had really painful hips especially at night between 18 and 24 weeks. I was offered steroid injections by the rheumatology dept, but decided to try other things first as all my other arthritis symptoms have gone since I got pregnant. A steroid injection might be an option as its not harmful to the baby- see what your dr thinks. I found that a memory foam topper mattress really worked to provide support at night with a thin pillow between the legs. I'm also using a heated bean bag at night to ease the stiffness. Pregnancy yoga has also been a god send. The pain has mainly gone. Definitely persevere with your Dr to change meds and get a Physio referral. And good luck. X


Hi, you poor thing. It can be so painful can't it? I found that seeing an osteopath really helped me and they said it was great that I was seen so quickly. I think they meant that it helped so much because I didn't leave it for too long but I never asked. It might be worth speaking to one and seeing what they say?

Best of luck. X


Hi, I was induced early with my second child due to SPD and advised not to have anymore.... now i'm 34 weeks with baby number three (happy accident... whoops!) and have been housebound with SPD for past 8 weeks. I have a consultants appointment on the 1st March to discuss early induction again!!!! I now need steroid injections in my spine the minute baby arrives... woohoo!

Its not what you want to hear I know but unfortunately nothing really helps.... stronger pain killers are just not good for baby and SPD is cause by the extra relaxin hormones being released during pregnancy, so even physio is not much help while you are still carrying. :(

All you can really do is limit the symptoms....

My advice would be:

1) STOP doing EVERYTHING!!!! Housework, especially hoovering, is a big no no. Dishes/laundry anything that involves standing for more than ten minutes should be avoided.

2) Don't walk anywhere, if you absolutely have to keep the distances short, take your time, and shorten your paces.

3) Put a plastic carrier bag on the car seat so you can swivel both legs out together more easily.

4) Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs.... it helps to relieve the pressure on your pelvis.

5) Go up the stairs on all fours and come down on your bum (glam i know!)

6) Try and shower instead of taking baths.... It can be really painful climbing out of the tub.

It's a really horrible condition to have and I feel your pain! But try and take it easy, enjoy getting others to run around for you...and most importantly, MAKE SURE YOU GET A PHYSIO APPT FOR AFTER BABY ARRIVES.....

Best of luck xxxx


Thanks for all your advice ladies got a physio appiontment for the 27th hopefully will give me some what relief also found out I'm anemic which wasn't much of a suprise as I've constantly felt tired since week 20 hopeing the iron tablets give me a boost of energy hard work being pregnant and coping with a poorly 5year old.

Thanks once again much appreciated x


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