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Obstetric Cholestasis

hi i am looking for some advice, i am 7 weeks pregnant with my second baby, with my first baby i suffered with Obstetric cholestasis and wasn't really taking seriously by my midwife but i knew there was something wrong with me and asked her for blood tests and it confirmed i had it. over the last 2 nights i have had extreme itching with little sleep. i have tried all the creams etc that i was advised the last time. i am unable to get an appt with the midwife or doctor until next week. I was wondering is it ok to take chlorphenamine to relieve this


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Not til ur past 12 wks, speak to chemist they might b able to suggest something or ring early preg unit and ask advise, I suffered really bad hayfever and couldn't take it


I don't think some pharmacists like to advise either, I had a very bad migraine at work last week which I believe was governed by hormones, a friend & colleague wanted to help so she went to boots for those head cooling strips and the pharmacist said no as it contains 'menthol' so I suffered with a cooling wet tissue on my head in the dark!


thanks for the advice, went to pharmacist they were unwilling to make a decision, told to see gp. I would if i could get a appointment. phoned early pregnancy unit just as unhelpful told me to see midwife. getting frustrated and extremely exhausted night 3 of little sleep!!!


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