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3rd trimester symptoms

Ok, so the return of nausea heralds the start of my final trimester. Not as bad as the beginning mind you.

I'm not sure about how common it is to have a sensation of a period about to start? I thought that sensation was designated for early pregnancy. I've had no bleeding or pain nor any unexplained fluids leaking. Just a, "am I about to bleed" sensation.

I've know real idea if I've had a Braxton hick, my tummy does get hard like a hazelnut but it just stays hard for a few hours, no pains. Having lots of fizzy feelings, perhaps squiggly is having hiccups?

Spill it ladies... dish the info about 3rd trimester symptoms! :)

What other things might I expect that could cause me to call my midwife when perhaps I don't need too?

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Hi kaleidoscope from what I can remember you.ll know they are Brixton hicks as its period pains that just hit you! Nothing to be concerned unless they become regular of course. Then heartburn before baby drops into position it can get pretty uncomfortable. Oh the joys lol what's your due date Hun?


Thanks for replying allyemo! I have escaped heartburn but there's still time for it to descend upon me! I'm due April 19th so 9 weeks left. My next milestone is to just get to week 37, then she could come any time and I'm longing to hold her! :)


Orh I bet, I'm along way off but so far 21 weeks has flown considering I found out at 5.5 weeks. :-) can't wait. For my first cuddle, I'm not finding out with this baby, .x


I had no sickness all through my pregnancy but now every evening and morning I have a few hours of nausea, im almost 33 weeks. I get heartburn on and off.

I also get the period pain feeling, I assumed it was because the baby was getting bigger and ligaments stretching as they did at the beginning of pregnancy.

Im glad im not the only one getting morning sickness in the last trimester, seems a little backward to me lol!!

Take care x


Not going answer your question about symptoms but wanted to say I was really relieved to read your post! Just moving into the 3rd trimester and have also been getting morning sickness and period pain, the only other thing is that babies movements have hanged, still get the kicks/punches but also get this feeling of significant bubbling, god knows what he's up to! Good luck over the next few exciting weeks!


Thanks for those posts, ladies. I am a few weeks off the third trimester but it's reassuring to know that if I do get any of those symptoms, it's ok! Good luck to you all x


Hey Kaleidoscope

I'm due on April 18th! So far my third trimester has been a mixed bag. I love feeling my little man moving about - which has now progressed from the odd poke to a full ripple across my whole tummy. All the sickness has gone and even my digestive woes are easing up. I have developed the odd feeling of faintness and almost passed out last week (luckily I was at the doctors getting a jab so I was in the right place!). And I get tired a lot more quickly than I used to. The best thing (given that I'm a greedy monster) is that all the food I went off is starting to smell and taste good again :o)

Now I just need the weather to get better quickly because my coat is almost at the point where it won't do up any more now that my bump is getting huge....



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