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newborn rejecting breast milk

Hi everybody,

my three week old daughter has started rejecting my milk. I had a specialist round yesterday and tried to demonstrate to her what's been happening, but she fed no problem in front of the specialist. (I had to wake her up to do this demonstration). After the specialist had gone the problems started again. She's not sucking or swallowing propperly and is wriggling around and crying and puffing and panting. When she spits the breast out or pushes it away, the milk is often spilling out of her mouth. She's also got what looks like achne on her cheeks which I don't know if is something to do with it as it started at the same time. Myself and all my sisters were alergic to cows milk as babies, so I've been trying to avoid it as a precautionary measure but the night before last had some sort of cream cake, and yesterday morning had some Elmlea type stuff that had powdered milk as an ingredient, and had a cheese toastie at some point, I think about 3 days ago. I have no idea if this is linked to her problems. Also she poos literally non-stop, which this specialist said is not normal whilst the pediatrician said it is, but she's always pood like that since she was born, so that, if it is an issue, is maybe a seperate one.

Any suggestions welcome.

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How about expressing your milk, just maybe she might prefer a bottle!

Your diet will affect what your baby digests, so if u have eaten cows milk and u think she might allergic to his then maybe that's why she won't drink it.

I personally would go to your health visitor and ask or help and also get your gp to test baby for any milk intolerances.

Non stop poo isn't normal! And a rash on her cheeks could be anything but maybe another sign of allergy.

Poor u it must be really worrying! Ring your gp today Hun get her tested xxx


Hi there,

Our breastfeeding helpline is open 8am-midnight every day of the year on 0300 330 0700 (option 1). Our very experienced breastfeeding counsellors are there to offer you support and suggestions.

Hope this helps and that you and LO are feeding happily as soon as possible!

Best wishes,

Alice x


Little red spots on cheeks are totally normal and often called 'milk spots' just because they happen to newborns. It's often hormone related (baby receiving your hormones). They come and go with no problem.

Good advice to contact breastfeeding helpline. x


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