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Could I be pregnant??

Hi everyone & thanks in advance. I've not used one of these communities before and feel a bit silly asking such a question! I'm nearly 30 and my partner & I have been trying for almost a year with no success (he has 2 children from a previous relationship). About 6months back I was told I had Polycystic ovaries but told not to worry to much (and tbh my Dr has been less than helpful with my concerns) . My periods have become a lot more regular and I am now 1-2 days late. I had period like pains in lower abdomen for a few days at the beginning of the week and more tired than normal but no other symptoms. I'm reluctant to do a test just yet as I know its still early and may be negative... Could it finally be our time?!! I don't want to get my hopes up too much again (just in case).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I had slight cramps the week when my period was due and they continued into the following week when I found out I was pregnant. You should definately take a test as you can do that from the day your period is due. But this pregnancy I did one test and it was negative and tested a week later and it was positive, so if you get a negative I would re test in a few days if you think you still may be pregnant as the level of HCG will have increased quite alot in a week if you are pregnant.

I have polycystic ovaries too, I had been trying for over three years until I got pregnant the first time, which was unfortunately a missed misscariage, but im pregnant again which im over the moon with. I found it helpful to log my period dates and cycle lengths and worked out my most fertile time. I know some months I didnt even ovulate which was very difficult as I feel it took longer to get pregnant because of that. But just to help ease your worries I know lots of people with polycystic ovaries that have babies too!!!

Fingers crossed you get your positive, good luck xxx


I have pcos and I'm currently 17.5 weeks, this time round it happened naturally without fertility drugs, my first ended in a misscarriage. A good sign is that u still have regular periods,If you are late on your period then this sounds like a good sign, but in my case it meant nothing coz I was so irregular. Go for it take a test x


Ahh thanks for the advice guys! Much appreciated and congratulations to you both!. I only really get cramps on the day im due so having them for a few days was odd. I normally get very sore tender breasts long before I'm due but that has only just started. I'm also logging my cycle which does really help' I hope it is positive - I'll do a test as soon as - Hoping for the best!! Thanks :) x


Let us know how you get on good luck x



So I waited until I had a day off to test ....


I am so happy, nervous but happy!

Thanks for the advice :)



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