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I think I'm having a miscarriage what should I do?

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I'm 10.2 weeks and last night I wen to the bathroom, I have been very constipated so was trying to go (apologies) after I did and wiped I was bleeding and it was red I hoped it was from back passage but it wasn't, there wasn't a lot but enough for concern. I called emergency doctor who told me to keep an eye on it and if it didn't sop or became heavier with pain I should go to A&E. I haven't bled through the night, and what little sleep I have got I've dreamt about a miscarriage. What should I do? I have very dull stomach pains, but no different than I've experienced all along, I had a scan at 8.3 weeks and all was fine.

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Bleeding happens for lots of reasons, I'm 28 wks n I had a small bleed last week wen wiping, I went to pregnancy unit and everything ok, if it was just a small amount n no pain could just b same, if really worried ring ur pregnany unit at hospital or maternity unit, gp won't do anything. But they assured me this happens to lots of woman, bleeds can b common x but if concerned get it checked out xxx

I would go o the early pregnancy unit on Monday and get a scn. When I had. Misscarriage I had. Small amount of red fresh blood plus a few sharp contractions hen I had to have an op.

with my first 2 pregnancries i had water infections which caused bleeding, not as much has a period but it was scary. the pain could be your stomach growing has i have that now and i am currently 27+3 with my third and was told that's what my pains are. i would go to the early pregnancy unit tomorrow and the should give you a scan to check to see.if everything is ok. hope everything turns out ok for you xx

Thank you all. I have left a message with early pregnancy unit, but it's appt only and only run 1-4 so fingers crossed they can see me tomorrow or Tuesday. No more blood today so trying to stay positive x

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The same happened to me, i.e. blood after pushing when going to the toilet. I was so worried & went straight to AnE. They sent me home but referred me to the early pregnancy unit the next day. I had a scan but as I was only 6 weeks there was just a sac which they said was normal but asked me to come back two weeks later for a follow up scan to see if there was a heartbeat which there was.

I totally understand why you thought you might be miscarrying as I thought the same. Every pregnancy is different but especially as like me the blood did not continue in the morning, I think/hope everything will be fine with your baby & it'll be just because you were pushing.

Will keep my fingers crossed for your scan xx

Hi ladies,

good news baby is growing well and no visible reason for bleeding. Midwife said it could be caused from constipation and straining putting pressure on the cervix and with the increase blood flow we have during pregnancy the cervix is more fragile and susceptible to small ruptures from friction.

I'm so relieved and even got to hear the babies heart beat, yay so happy

Thank you for all of your messages they have been really helpful


Hi peant, that's so good to hear, have a happy healthy pregnancy xxxx

I have literally just had the same thing happen to me, though the blood was brown and slimy. I called my midwife (I haven't even met the poor woman yet) in a panic and she told me not to worry, it sounded normal as today would be the day i am usually due on, but go to a&e if i get any pain or more blleding. My scan isn't booked yet so will be ages away. I'm single so going this alone and very scared.

I've had brown blood through my whole pregnancy on and off which they had told me not to worry about, I've been fine until I had bright red blood on Saturday which is what made me panic as that's what they said to keep an eye out for.

Brown discharge blood around time of expected period is normal as it is just your body removing any old blood from your system.

Stay positive and if you get really worried go to your early pregnancy unit as they can give you a scan, but you may need to be referred or book an appointment if your unit doesn't take walk ins

I hope all is well I'm sure it will be.


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Thank you. Xx

i had exactly the same thing through constipation. and now think i have a water infection. (no stopping with porblems for me) but the blood didnt continue. i thought it was due to being constipated so ruled everything else off. Havent had it since and just tried eating more fruit and veg so i dont get in that state again. i have my next scan Friday so i will find out then how baby is. x

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