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can anyone help please?? i found out 3 days ago that i am pregnant. well the test said positive anyway. but no im doubting it. i worked out im roughly 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. but last night during intercourse as my partner pulled out he had blood on him. it wasnt bright red and there were no clots. i went to the toilet immediately and wiped but i had nothing. then this morning i went to the toilet again and had light brown discharge. i have slight pains in my belly but they dont feel like cramps. more like wind. i need to put my mind at ease even though im having an internal scan tomorrow.


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  • From what I understand, if the test says positive then you are definitely pregnant as you can't get a false positive. The test will only go a positive if you have the pregnancy hormone in your system which would only be present if you are pregnant.

    As for the bleeding, it sounds like implantation bleeding when the egg burrows into your uterus lining. I had something similar around 6 weeks where the blood was initially pink/red and the next day it was brown (brown signifies old blood). I also had slight cramps and with these symptoms I panicked big time. I had an internal scan and the doc said all was ok and that it was just implantation bleeding.

    Everyone's experience is different so obviously I can't speak for you but I hope my experience puts your mind at ease a little until you have the scan xx

  • thank you. yes worrying wont help. its not been bright red. and have no discharge now. the pains arent excruitating so i cant complain. i havent been on the pill or taken anything for over a year so no pregnancy hormone would be present expect the actual thing.

    i suppose it im worrying as i want this so much and it scares me to think the worst. hopefully tomorrow i will have y mind put at ease.

    the bleeding during intercourse was the worst and made me worry compared to the discharge i had this morning.

  • I know what you mean about wanting it so much. I cried when I found the bleeding and rushed to ane thinking the worst... but all was ok.

    I am now 10 weeks so it is still early days and I continue to worry, guess it's only natural to be anxious... but am trying my best to stay positive and take it that whatever's meant to be will be.

    Will keep me fingers crossed for you. Let me know how it goes (only if you want to of course!) xx

  • i will let you know how it goes.

    I think about the symptoms and pains more now i know. ( i only found out 4 days ago) so i have gone 6 weeks without feeling anything. so maybe it is in my head. i was crying last night. but then woke up with severe heartburn still and no discharge so thought positive about that. as the day has gone on i seem to be having metal tastes in my mouth. few niggles in my belly but think thats mind related again. (whats us women go through) xx

  • Hi, I personally would go to the early pregnancy unit and ask for a scan. You are probably fine. But my first misscarriage last year at 7.5 weeks should have been nine weeks, the only indication I had something wasnt right is I had an afternoon of pain that made me take a painkiller, then after a coulple of hours I felt fine, then when we had sex a bright red tny bit of blood was visible afterwords and a few bad cramps, the next day I had a scan and the baby had died, we had heard the hb the week before! But thank god I'm 16 plus 2 and o far o good, but if I ad any sign of blood I would get a scan. Good luck, lay off the sex or a while till u have no pains or blood.

  • i dont really have any pains. the worst pains are my boobs. not in my stomach. just niggles. nothing to worry me. the blood just worried me.

    i actually work in the hospital and i am booked in for my scan tomorrow morning as they couldnt get me in this morning. the one thing im dreading is miscarriage. :( so fingers crossed its not.

  • Good luck and I hope all is fine xx

  • Hi, I had the same thing,and had a scan and found out I was 8.3 weeks and scan was fine. I've had the same brown discharge for approx 4 weeks on and off doctors and midwife said all is fine. I'm still worried, but trying to stay positive. I still have incredibly sore boobs, dizziness, tiredness and nausea so counting those things as good signs. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and have my 12 week scan booked in for 29th so keeping my fingers crossed all will be well. The doctor told me that now they have confirmed its not ectopic they will not worry too much about pains as that can be normal only to worry if I get red blood and a lot of it. Sex can cause bleeding, I've asked my hubby if we can take it easy until after scan.

    I'm sure you will be fine, everyone's bodies respond differently to pregnancy, all we can do is look after ourselves and let nature take its course.

    Good luck for tomorrow let us know how it goes


  • It sounds like spotting to me, very common in early pregnancy and also very normal and natural to worry about every thing... i'm 38 weeks today and i still worry! Good luck at your scan :) x

  • been for my scan. all is fine. the nurse was happy with it. and my morning sickness started this morning. so she said everything is positive.

    the Sac is healthy and in right place. i have another scan in 2 weeks time. thanks everyone. xx

  • fab news, very happy for you. I know what a relief it is to find out all is ok xx

  • Great news, congratulations x

  • all is fine still. no bleeding since intercourse last time. and have had intercourse since and didnt have anything. thank god. x

  • had a good few days. and during intercourse again this morning there was blood!! no cramps, no pain, just a little soreness down there. think it was a bit to vigorous. i always panic for some reason. it does worry me. but its the only time i have blood. i have had nothing since intercourse this morning and nothing since last week either. x

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