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Left abdomen aching/ uncomfortable

For the last two days, and occasionally before I get a dull achy feeling near my left hip bone/ front of tummy but always in the left, I feel fine, no blood or spotting, but just feels uncomfortable especially when I lay or move over to my left side, m 14 plus 2 my scans have been fine and last week the baby was heard through the doppler,baby seems to be heard on the left side. Any ideas what this is?

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I used to get pains always on my left side and thought it was something to do with placenta but that was actually right in the middle at the back so I can't offer an explanation, just that from what your describing I felt the same with my now 3yo, like uncomfortable twinges.

Hope that helps reassure you,

if your scans have been fine and you heard heartbeat on dopler at 14 weeks which is pretty early I'm sure it's just moving and stretching around.


Aches during pregnancy are pretty normal - muscles stretch as the hips go wider and belly gets bigger and baby presses down. The aches are apparently a good sign as it means your body is changing for the baby.

Swimming can help as it can relieve the pressure. I am seeing a chiropractor for pelvic girdle pain (inside legs and back) and that may help if your mobility is affected as the baby gets bigger.

But otherwise it shouldn't affect baby and it seems you are getting monitored well :)

Good luck!


Thank you for your reply, I think I'm just growing to make room :)


Thanks for asking/answering this, I've been panicking about this feeling too. I haven't had my first scan yet, but feel much better to know that I other people have have it too. :-)


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