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First pregnancy at nearly 41.....extra worries?

I am quite pleased to find out I am pregnant at 40 - I thought I had missed that particular boat!

Will this mean I can expect to have more tests and more appointments than younger women?

Also - had sex very infrequently lately and know the exact date on which conception occurred - so will this date be used to calculate my due date, or will they do the generic thing of using the date of the first day of my last period?

Any advice would be gratefully received!

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Hey :) Congratulations! Im not too sure about the extra appointments - im 20 and pregnant with my first , so If they think it is necessary for you to have more appointments , then they should inform you,

Sorry if this isn't much help! I havent got much experience of this :) ,

One thing I do know though, your due date can change , depending on your scans, My due date originally was 23rd Dec 2012 , then it changed to 18th Dec , when I went for my 12 week scan , then at my 20 week scan , they said my estimated due date was the 21st December , so really not sure what to think atm! They originally will estimate your due date from the first day of your last period, but at your scans it may change x

Good luck with everything!



Thankyou for your message - it's all a learning curve isn't it!!

Time is short for you now - hope all goes smoothly x


Your welcome, it certainly is a learning curve! Time is very short :), thanks , hope all goes well with you and baby xx


Congratulations! I am 40 and expecting our first baby in may, so am 17 weeks at the minute

I've had exactally the same tests as anyone else. Midwife around 9 weeks dating scan 12 weeks then called midwife for checkup at 16 weeks where we heard heartbeat!

My edd was 20th then went to 16th with dating scan.

As long as you are fit and healthy should be fine.

I am having elected csection because of my age and first time. You may find your downs test result is slightly higher than younger ladies but this is just a calculation and you shouldn't be scared of it.

Keep in touch if you like.take care

A x


That's interesting that you have elected a csection - is this in case the baby has difficulties? I am considering this myself - but wasn't sure if I would be offered it.

Did you find you had morning sickness at all? I'm now almost 6 weeks and today is the first time I have any signs of nausea - although only faint. Maybe I'm just imagining it!!



Congratulations. I'm 41 and expecting my firs next summer when I'll be 42. I've had extra tests due to diabetes but otherwise okay. Hope it goes well for you.


Nice to know Im not the only 'mature' first timer out there!

Best of luck!


Congratulations ! I am 35 and pregnant with my 1st . I have had all the usual appointments and all has been well so far . Downs test came back low risk . I was put as high risk in my maternity notes , my age was just one of the factors , but there were 3 other pre existing health factors taken into account . I have a couple of extra appointments due to this - not because of my age . And I have to give birth in a hospital ( which luckily I wanted ) . So I have found it ok . Best of luck to you :) x


And to you!


Congratulations! I am 38 and will be having my first baby in summer. I was put at low risk first, due to my lifestyle and despite age. After the scan I was at higher risk for down syndrom and was having a CVS. But I didn't have to do it because of my age, just due to the result of the first scan, which can happen to you at any age (so I was told). I am quiet glad now I did it, because now I can be 100% sure my child doesn't have a genetic disorder. So far so good :-) All the best!


Hello - when you say 'due to my lifestyle', do you mean because you have a healthy lifestyle i.e.non smoking, exercise etc?


Congratulations! RELAX. I'm 42 and will have my 1st child at 43 regardless. (end April 2013) I found out that I was rhd negative, my blood tests came back high risk for down syndrome. Whether baby had DS I would still love it anyway. But went ahead and had the amniosis exam and rhd antibody injection and today found out that ALL my tests came back CLEAR! Baby in great health and super happy! Just take care of yourself, be yourself and don't do too many dramatic things.

Wishing you the VERY BEST in everything


You sound like a chilled out lady! Better to be like that - you will probably have a calm baby! Glad to hear all tests came back fine x


Hi I am 40 and due the begining of feb. I had a lot of extra care as I was pregnant with twins and lost one, I have more check ups and am scanned more often, but feel fine and the extra care gives me peace of mind. Just go with the flow and I'm sure your midwife will assess your case and give you the care you need. Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy. X


I'm sorry to hear you lost a twin, that must be very hard to deal with. Sounds like all is going well for you now though. Thankyou for your encouragement!


Congratulations! I am 41 and my first is due in less than 3 weeks. I haven't had anything extra but they will induce me on my due date as over 40 years old the rate of still birth triples after 40 weeks (from 3 in a 1000 to 9 in a 1000).

They will normally use the date of your last period to calculate your due date as they calculate 40 weeks from that part of your cycle, not 38 weeks from conception as ovulation can be at different times during a cycle. The only time they may change this is when measurements on the 12 week scan don't agree with it as sometimes people are pregnant a month earlier than they think as you can still have periods even when pregnant.


Thankyou that's really helpful. I have a feeling this will be a big baby as my other half is very tall and so am i, may be painful pushing this one out!!

Congratulations on THREE babies (if I read your message right?) there must be a lot of jostling going on inside you....really hope all goes well for you in three weeks x


HI Peanut, I'm only having one baby, not sure where three came from! (maybe the risk of 3 in a 1000 - I meant there are 3 stillbirths per 1000 births in mothers under 40, this rises to 9 still births per 1000 births in the over 40's after 40 weeks gestation)

I am 6ft and my other half is 6ft 4 but our baby is measuring average at the moment. The size of your baby is more likely to be related to your own birth weight than anything else. I was only 7 and a half pounds when I was born despite my dad being 6ft 7! I grew later on, I'm sure my mum was very grateful for that! LOL.

Good luck!



Hi congratulations I am pregnant with my second at 43. Inhave had more scans and appointments with consultant but that is more to do with me having an ectopic pregnancy previously. You are at higher risk for downs because of age and our blood tests came back at a higher risk. We made the decision to go ahead anyway , it is nice to have extra scans ect we have seen baby grow from dot to full grown (last one at 37 weeks). Try to relax and enjoy and good luck.


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