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How reliable are reveal home pregnancy test?

I was meant to get my peroid on 28th and it is the 6th december. I did to pregnancy test yesterday on the 1st the result was negative and the 2nd one had a 2 lines and one line was really faint. I did both test in the afternoon one at 3pm and the another 4pm. So what does the result mean? How realiable are reveal pregnancy test

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Testing in the afternoon is not the most accurate, you should test in the morning using your first urine, as the hormone being tested for will be more concentrated. Having said that though, a faint positive is still a positive, so looks like you may well be pregnant. I would test again in the morning though just to be sure.

Home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate when used correctly, and don't give false positives. When they say they are less than 100% accurate this is because sometimes they can give a false negative result when you are actually pregnant.

Best of luck, and hopefully you will get the result you want.


Thnxz hun n fingers crossedX


I did one at lunchtime and it was faint. First thing in the morning, BAM two strong lines. I bought a cheap one, too.


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